Hello Creative Artist,

We are always looking for wonderful artists to take part in the Make Create Express creative retreat collaboration as well as artists wanting to offer unique solo workshops on our site to your amazing worldwide community.


Even if you have not taught before or online, we’d be happy to work with you, we have much experience with guiding new online teachers through the daunting process of designing and executing a workshop and the Art is Magic platform manages the role of promoting, hosting and marketing your workshop (leaving artist free to create). Galia has a background in professional photography, has written and taught workshops both online for the online creative community and also for tertiary level study. She has also been involved in the online art community for over ten years. She is fabulous at trouble shooting technical issues as well as dream storming into what you might have to offer our community.

To submit an online class idea for either our collaborative Make Create Express or for a solo workshop, please include the following in your submission:

☆ Which you are submitting for (collaborative or solo workshop).
☆ Where we can find you on social media (facebook, instagram, pinterest, website blog etc etc).
☆ What type of workshop you would like to offer (process, technique, medium, etc etc).
☆ If it is for a solo workshop a brief outline of the class, what would be included and how long you envision it to run for- this would all be worked out as we collaborate but enough to give us an indication on possibilities.
☆ Who you think your workshop would suit.
☆ A sample of any online teaching you have done in the past if you have.
☆ Anything else sitting on your heart that you think we should know.

All submissions should be sent to Art is Magic at hello at artismagic dot online 
Please label your email with “Submission- Make Create Express”, “Submission- mini solo workshop” or “Submission- major workshop” depending upon which you are submitting for.

See what other artist say:

“I have worked with Galia and Art is Magic twice; one solo workshop and one collaboration. I can wholeheartedly say they were both the most wonderful experiences. Galia is so supportive and has a wealth of creative ideas and inspiration. The students, artists and creative souls I have met through AIM have been simply amazing.” Emma Petitt

“I first met Galia Alena online. I had seen her beautiful artwork in groups and was just amazed at her beautiful way with words and intuitive art. Galia may not remember but when she first contacted me to be a part of the creative retreat…I hesitated. I had done other collaborative art offerings and, something was missing for me. I knew that I was missing something about quality and understanding the process of teaching online. Galia reached out again and asked me why I was hesitating, and when I told her my concerns, she was nothing but helpful. I was amazed at the way she walked me thru the problems and supported me in the technical and artistic process. She has a very gentle way of pointing out problems and working thru them with you. I’ve been working with Galia for four years now and this journey has been amazing. Galia has created a container for me to grow as an artist and a teacher. Her dedication and commitment to quality classes and offerings has made me proud to be a part of the Art is Magic Team. I’ve found her to be someone who not only paints her truth but brings that truth into her business model. Most importantly for me, I consider Galia to be a partner, a mentor and a friend.” Fonda Clark Haight