Botanical Mandalas

Combine the Healing Power of Nature with the Meditative Process of Mandala Making

Louise Gale was one of our inspiring Art Is Magic teachers in 2017 and taught our community how to draw flower motifs and turn them into clay mandala blooms! I am so excited to share this interview with her as she launches her new book ‘Botanical Mandalas’ which is all about Creating Expressive Mandala Art Inspired by Nature! We also have a special giveaway at the bottom of this post!

Louise Gale Botanical Mandalas

GA. Louise, so lovely to have this opportunity to chat to you.…congratulations on your book being published. Can you tell us about it?

LG: Hi Galia, great to be here and thank you! My new book ‘Botanical Mandalas’ \ is essentially a guidebook that is part-inspiration and part-art instruction. Inside the book, I talk a lot about the healing power of nature and why it is so important for us to reconnect back to the natural world, so there are a lot of exercises and inspirational tips on looking at the world around you, observing the beauty in nature and capturing it through your camera or sketchbook.

We then use the inspiration we find in nature to draw what I call Botanical motifs, these can be flowers, leaves, seedpods and all sorts of botanical items we may discover in our local area. Once we have drawn out our motifs, I teach you how to use mandala frameworks to then design beautiful botanical mandalas in watercolor, pen, inks and mixed media!

Louise Gale Botanical Mandalas


The process really is so beautiful and I have already received so many emails from people saying how the book has helped them relax, spend more time in nature and open up a whole new world of creativity for them!

GA: That sounds so magical, and you know we are all about the transformational magic of art and creative play over here! What inspired you to write it?

LG: The book has been a few years in the making for sure! I had been creating mandalas for a few years as I found it was a great way to relax and I just loved the meditative feeling I got from drawing and painting them. I had been on a healing journey when I first moved to Spain and I found that combining what I would call the healing powers of nature with drawing mandalas really helped me and so this is essentially what inspired me to write this book. I also felt a pull to inspire others to spend more time in nature and use this amazing process as a creative practice so this is how the idea of the Botanical Mandalas book was born!

Louise Gale Botanical Mandalas

GA: I’d love to hear more about your healing journey….

LG: Well, I lived in New York City for 8 years, which was a fantastic experience, but I certainly felt the effects of spending too much time on technology and craved a more quiet, simple life by the sea! A few serendipitous stories later….. I found myself moving to Southern Spain!

So when I first moved to this new life by the sea, I felt a huge shift and after a short while of feeling quite unwell, I found that I was essentially detoxing from being around so much electricity and technology for many years! In Spain, I did not have wifi or any mobile technology at all, very rare these days! So I found myself walking on the beach everyday with my barefeet in the ground. I would then sit with my journal doodling mandala designs and also created mandalas out of found objects on the sand.

I soon found that this was making me feel so much better each day and the ‘charged’ feeling I was having was dissipating. It was a process that took several months, but it really made me realise just how powerful being in nature everyday was. So I dedicated a whole chapter in this book on reconnecting to nature, being inspired by it and why it is so important for us to spend time grounding ourself to the energy of mother earth.

I cannot spend a day without the soles of my feet touching the soul of the earth wherever I may find myself around the world.

Louise Gale Botanical Mandalas- Leaf Sunset

GA: That sounds so inspiring! What are some of the creative practices you teach in the book?

LG: There are so many! In the connecting with nature chapter, I inspire the reader to slow down, spend time in nature and observe its beauty. This means taking the time to look at a single flower, its shapes, colors and how different it appears when you hold it at various angles. This is what inspires our motif drawing. I also include exercises on keeping a sketchbook, collecting natural found objects, flower pressing and then chapters on motifs, drawing mandalas and then using mixed media to create mandalas too!

Louise Gale Botanical Mandalas- Spring Bouquet

GA: Sounds like the book is jam packed with so much goodness!

LG: It is! I really wanted to include so much so this book can be referenced for many years! I also have a Book Club that comes with the purchase of the book. So everyone who buys the books can also get access to a members area on my website which includes video companions to many of the projects inside the book, downloads, coupons for online classes to dive deeper into botanical mandalas and lots more!

GA: Beautiful Louise! Thanks so much for sharing more about your beautiful book.

LG: Thank you so much dear Galia!

So lets do the giveaway!

This Giveaway is now closed. The Winner is Tracey who said: "Louise, the book looks beautiful! It would be perfect for me right now as I am seeking my path to reigniting my creative practice in alignment with my love and awe of Nature and her healing power. Thank you for the opportunity! 💕🌸"

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