Artist Profile- Katrina Koltes

The black pearl Katrina Koltes
Why do you create art?

For me creating has become a part of me, it’s like breathing: I can’t live without it!

Art is my way of telling my story, my self expression, and sharing my message with the world.

Tell us about your journey to become an artist?

My journey to become an artist was not an easy one. When I realized I wasn’t going to be able to afford art university I got very discouraged and gave up on my dreams of becoming a full-time artist. I pretty much didn’t do any art at all for over 15 years! Then a few years ago, I started to fall into a deep depression, unhappy and unfulfilled doing a day job I couldn’t care anything for. I knew there must be something more to this life than just working to live. I went through a total physical breakdown, spent some time in the hospital and then on my own, away from everyone, to find my self again. Those were very difficult and dark times, but they guided me back to the light, back to my art. I started to make art again, I started to take online classes, learn all I could, I deeply wanted to express myself and tell my story through art. I started to realize that this was my “calling”, my real meaning in life. To make art from my soul, share it with the world, and help others who were going through similar journeys.

Tell us about your journey to claim the title artist?

I don’t really know how it all happened, but one day I found myself teaching online classes, and enjoying sharing my techniques and inspiration with others. If you would have told me that 5 years ago I would have though you’re crazy, lol! I am normally very camera shy and certianly don’t like crowds. I’m really quite an introvert. When I began my journey as an art teacher it was like climbing a mountain, but once you get to the top you have an overwhelming sensation that it was worth it all!

I also began five years ago by making a promise to myself. I decided I would make some form of art every day, no excuses. I either sketch, paint or even just scribble something in my journal, to keep my inspiration flowing and keep practicing and learning. I’ve found that this has been so important for my growth as an artist.

A second chance Katrina Koltes
What is it about making art that stirs your soul?

Everything. When I create I go into a zone where nothing matters but that moment then and there. My whole soul goes into that painting. Sometimes I even cry, I get the shivers, I get mad, it’s all those pent up emotions inside me that find their way out through art.

What is currently inspiring you?

I have really been called lately to paint about saving the earth and working our light. I feel nature is crying out to us for help, and wants to get a message across. I also have been working closely with my animal guides. They are ever near with their words of wisdom and guidance in my everyday life.

What does your creative Practice look like?

I often paint for upcoming auctions or film lessons for classes. When I paint for auctions I am free to paint what I am feeling that day, whatever message I want to bring in my painting. When I am working on a class I’l have a certain theme or goal in mind and work from there. If I have a little free time inbetween I practice in my journal.

How do you keep your creative practice fresh and inspired?

I try to either meditate or go for nature walks to keep my inspiration flowing. I find that nature can sooth my soul and inspire my creativity. Meditating brings me visions and insight.

What sort of creative walls do you hit?

When I’m having a stressing day with my kids or at home sometimes I get to my art table and don’t feel like creating a thing! I’m stressed out, frustrated, and am afraid anything I paint will end up in the trash. (well, it usually does in those cases, lol!)

Earth Guardian Katrina Koltes
What do you do to move through them?

I find that if I take time to center myself in first and get quiet, I can tune onto my intuition and block out all the noise, making space for my soul to speak. Taking a nature walk too helps calm my nerves, de-stress, and tune into the magic.

How has your process evolved?

I think I know now when I have a message I need to get across. Sometimes it’s so strong and comes in signs, wither from my animal guides, or from dreams, or during meditation and dream journeying.

I used to have a hard time forming what I had in my mind onto the canvas. But with practice and really tuning in, it has become so much easier.

What do you wish you had known at the beginning of your creative journey?

I wish I had started my creative journey earlier. I wasted so many years I could have used to learn, and move forward in my journey. Now with two small kids it is a daily challenge to find enough time and space to create. It’s a daily struggle, but so worth it!

Do you have a Creative Self Care Practice?

Self care? What’s that? Haha, just kidding…

Seriously I don’t get much time for self care with two small kids, being a full time artist and teacher, and a house to look after. But that being said, I have been trying to take some time lately, like once a month to go for a massage or facial or something. Even just a morning for myself, where I can relax and regenerate, take a walk or swim, or go art supply shopping ;D.

Do you have any creative rituals?

I sure do! I love to meditate before I paint, even if it’s not long, just enough time to center in. I have lots of crystals I like to work with, and a few sets of oracle cards I like to do a reading too.

I light a scented candle or inscence, play some soft music and really get in the flow. It makes such a difference when I finally get to the canvas.

Touched by nature Katrina Koltes
Do you only teach workshops online? Or also in-person?

I’ve been teaching online now since 4 years. I really love to connect with people that way, and am blessed for this online community of like-minded creatives.

This summer I’m also going to be teaching in-person at a creative retreat on the north-west coast of Ireland! I’m so excited for this opportunity and am really looking forward to this new adventure! It’s been my heart’s desire for some time now to be able to connect in-person with my students and what better place then the land of magic and myth? We still have a few spots left too, so you can check it out on my website. :)

Where can we find you?

I’m always on facebook as I have a creative community there, but you can also find me on other platforms like Instagram and yYoutube (where I post all my timelapse videos,etc)

Them there’s my website ofcourse where you’ll find all my free tutorials, workshops, shop and galleries. And when you sign up for my newsletter you get access to my subscriber tutorials, giveaways and class discounts! :)

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Katrina has created 2 wonderful lessons for the Make Create Express Workshop- here is a peek at one of them:

Earth Guardian 2.jpg

Earth guardian

Since a few years I have started working more closely with spirit animals and totems, and love to include them in my art. In this lesson we will create our spirit animal guardian with oil pastels. I will share my blending techniques, and how I like to use non-traditional colors and elements to create a story. We will work very intuitively, staying open to any changes or directions our intuition takes us. By painting our spirit animal we will be welcoming it's guidance and magic in our lives.

Galia Alena

I’m a visual poet working in just about any medium I can lay my hands on although I am a professionally trained photographer and a so called “self-taught” artist (of course there have been many teachers on that path). I’m in love with the creative process. I’m a beauty unveiler, light huntress, moment caresser and visionary poetess. Ultimately, all of my work is about helping people peel back the layers to experience the intense beauty of each moment allowing access to both their intuitive wisdom and a deeper connection to spirit and self. (Because the beauty of this life cracks our hearts open and it is through the cracks that light can flow both in and out and connect us back to our divine selves) That is what I do and I do it through photography, art, journaling and teaching. I live in the insanely beautiful Blue Mountains, just shy of Sydney, with my family, our cat and all the winged ones who frequent our garden. Each day here is a wondrous delight of tiny miracles through either the glorious light or magical mists. I would love to work with you, have a look around and see where you are called... "Where I create, there I am true." Rilke