Sacred Arts- Gather


Life is sacred. Life is art. Life is sacred art.
— Gabrielle Roth

When I got the first whispers of in*Spiration to create this workshop Sacred Arts, Mixed Media Dialogues with the Divine Feminine, I had no real idea how it would unfold, what form it would take and what it would offer. What I did know is that I was being called to create something at the intersection of my art making, my mixed media practices and my work as a mist walker with the Goddess Circles. And I knew that I wanted to be just as much a participant in this as a teacher/guide, so I invited some Sister Keepers to join me bringing the gifts of their own magic and I invited the Muses to lead the way, allowing things to unfold in process, as given, and to allow it to be a circle, a creative circle.


Participant Work

Now that we are a few mOOns into our 13 mOOn journey together, it feels more like the painting at the top here,
a gathering,
a creative circle,
a sacred space,
a blessing,

than a mixed media workshop. And yet, as you can tell by the gorgeous participant's work being shared here it is that as well- so much beauty is being created so much deepening and listening, so much support.

It is Both & And...

And the "work" being created and shared in the group just blows my mind, fills my soul with beauty and makes me smile. It is good medicine,


Participant Work


Each mOOn we gather to explore a new theme, a new dialogue, a new conversation with the Divine Feminine and I show up to the work with all my particular conversations and try to present as the hollow bone as best I can.
And I listen.
And I lean into the Creative Process.
And I listen.
What comes through is unplanned, nonlinear, highly synchronicitic and completely supported by life and the Sister Keepers who help hold this creative space of exploration along with the women who are drawn to the circle, who create the circle with me. In this way it is true creation- allowing the universe to dream through us. It is a merging with and a partnership. It is more than anyone of us is alone. It is the inhalation and the exhalation and it is the pause between. It is the creation that comes through the stillness and the listening. It is the place of true creation.

And what we can see if we look deep within is that the authentic self is the Soul made visible. Do not try to remake yourself into something you’re not. Just try making the best of what God(ess) made. The sacred art and craft of nurturing our souls and the souls of those we love is Simple Abundance soulcraft.
— Sarah Ban Breathnach

And what I know now, is that I still don't know, but what I do know is that it is needed, we needed it, I needed it. And so I allow it to continue to unfold as given.

You can see more of the beauty and wonder being created in this workshop here #sacredartsworkshop

Galia Alena

I’m a visual poet working in just about any medium I can lay my hands on although I am a professionally trained photographer and a so called “self-taught” artist (of course there have been many teachers on that path). I’m in love with the creative process. I’m a beauty unveiler, light huntress, moment caresser and visionary poetess. Ultimately, all of my work is about helping people peel back the layers to experience the intense beauty of each moment allowing access to both their intuitive wisdom and a deeper connection to spirit and self. (Because the beauty of this life cracks our hearts open and it is through the cracks that light can flow both in and out and connect us back to our divine selves) That is what I do and I do it through photography, art, journaling and teaching. I live in the insanely beautiful Blue Mountains, just shy of Sydney, with my family, our cat and all the winged ones who frequent our garden. Each day here is a wondrous delight of tiny miracles through either the glorious light or magical mists. I would love to work with you, have a look around and see where you are called... "Where I create, there I am true." Rilke