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Artist Profile- Tiare Smith

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Why do you create art?

I create because I must. It is in my bones and it frees my soul and emotion.  It allows me to honor who I am, where I come from and my heart. 

Tell us about your journey to become an artist? 

I have always been artsy, creative. I have always been a maker. I was born with it flowing through my blood. However, I did have a time when I lost my way from art but not from creativity. Always making with my hands but I had totally left the idea of drawing and I started scrapbooking instead. This happened because a college drawing class sucked the life right out of me for 18 years. Eeeek!  Crazy how that happened but being forced to draw what did not move me, moved me away from my pencil. I reclaimed my creativity in a burst of tears and emotion the first time I picked up a pencil after that. 

Tell us about your journey to claim the title artist? 

Honestly, you can claim it whenever you want, when you feel it in your heart. This part is super personal some have rules on what it means, some do not. Some need others to give them the thumbs up or validate them.  Don’t get me wrong those things are wonderful and surely validating.  However, I’m not so much into rules. I make things I love and there are others who love it too. It’s art because I say it is or because you say it is. I pour my heart onto a canvas…I call it art and that’s that. I am an artist! 

Ariana Tiare Smith
What is it about making art that stirs your soul? 

Freedom. Play. No rules. Doing whatever I like. Making images that represent me and represent those I love, those who have informed my life, those who have gone before me. Losing myself in the process, not needing to be perfect. Play. Color. Texture. EVERYTHING!

What is currently inspiring you? 

Always, inspired by the idea of freely creating, of freedom. I am inspired by color. I am inspired by amazing, beautiful images of black women and the beautiful memories and stories my life holds.  I’m also inspired by newness, trying new things, doing something different, honoring myself however I come forth.  

What does your creative Practice look like? 

Chaos. Sometimes it’s regular and steady, sometimes sporadic, sometimes in a complete lull. It varies depending on the day. However, I do try to make it a priority to do art at least 4 days a week.  

Moon Dance Tiare Smith

How do you keep your creative practice fresh and inspired?

I am a flaky creator. I am ok with that. It means that, I follow my heart, my creative desire. I get bored easily, so I just change it up to whatever sparks me at that time.  

What sort of creative walls do you hit? 

Boredom. I sometimes get tired of creating the same thing again and again. Sometimes, I do not feel very inspired.  Sometimes, I just simply cannot drag myself to the studio. I think this is fairly normal for most creatives. 

What do you do to move through them? 

Often, I allow a moment to rest and be ok with not creating. I think we sometimes need these moments. However, when I need to push….pushing myself into my room and putting that first dab of color on the canvas often moves me forward. Also, taking time to look at art helps, as well. 

Bronzed with Elegance Tiare Smith

How has your process evolved?

I think as we learn, grow, change our process does too. I use different tools, techniques than I once used. I also think that I have moved more and more into creating freely and at times emotionally rather than following a formula. 

What do you wish you had known at the beginning of your creative journey?

I only wish that I had returned to my pencil sooner and that I had not allowed a class to deter me from my art. I also wish that I had thought about freedom in creativity more and not following the rules set forth or the trends. 

Do you have a Creative Self Care Practice? 

Well, I simply have a self-care practice, period. I spend time daily in dedication, gratitude and yoga. I spend time playing and laughing. I spend time regularly exercising and eating healthy (on most days). I sleep. I laugh. I cry. I allow myself to just be who I am and I keep loving, supportive people in my circle and push out anyone who isn’t.

Sassy Girl Tiare Smith

Where can we find you? 

You can find me:

Tiare has created 2 wonderful lessons for the Make Create Express Workshop- here is a peek at one of them:

NIght Moves.jpeg

Night Moves

Presented by Tiare Smith

Come dance with me beneath the moon. Set your spirit, set your soul, set your art free in this wonderful mixed media class. Explore fun techniques, blending color and the female form.a