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Between the Covers

Presented by Galia Alena

In this lesson we will be discussing the Safe Harbour of an art journal practice- a place to play, to express, to experiment and to stretch out with out the burden of trying to create "art" as I break in a new journal.

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Intentional Simplicity

Presented by Stephanie Lee

Creativity is inherent in every soul but the individual manifestations of it are what make it such a powerful practice of self-discovery. Join me in freeing ourselves from the weight of artistic platitudes that often can weigh us down with overthinking and perfection paralysis. In this course we will combine paint, paper, and encaustic medium to intentionally distill the making process into something simple and sublime - a simplicity that best allows our creativity to grow and evolve naturally into the divine form it want to take.

Art is Magic presents the Creative Retreat- Lucy Brydon

Layers of Whimsy

Presented by Lucy Brydon

In this lesson we will learn all about making patterned papers using monoprinting on the gel plate. We will have fun experimenting with various texture tools and stencils! We will then experiment with making a whimsical painting by collaging and painting out an image, and using mixed media to add further details.

Creative Retreat with Shiloh Sophia

The Story-transforming Muse : Intentional Creativity Process

Presented by Shiloh Sophia

Our journey today is exploring the right and left brain and how it works in connection with the heart. We will be working with a dominant story that is keeping us hung up or stuck and spending time in the subconscious without needing an answer. We will look at the language that comes up from inquiries and bring them into alternating structures of the brain of the muse. We will also be looking at how to integrate the story of the critic with the voice of the. muse.  While we create with Intentional Creativity, a new story can organically arise that belongs to us. Includes poetry from Tea with the Midnight Muse as well as a red thread ceremony. From here there is an invitation to open to a new and expanded worldview with less constraint and more self expression. You are invited to write your own Creative Being creed from the expanded space you have discovered! Let’s Play!

Free Creative Retreat with Emma Petitt

I’m not sure what love is?

Presented by Emma Petitt

In this lesson, I will be creating a Mixed Media piece, using patterned paper collage, patterned stencils and rollers to make an emotional portrait. I will be working very intuitively and never really know where the painting is going to go! So embrace the unknown, and go with what you feel happy with... I do not use a photo reference, but feel free to find a suitable image to get you started! Or better still use the final Painting image as your reference. This lesson is all about building up layers upon layers of patterns to create a background foundation on which to paint on. The layers of interest and texture serves to be a focal point of the painting and will create the skin tones of the final portrait.

Art is Magice Creative Retreat, Mystele Kirkeeng

"Muck" Painting

Presented by Mystele Kirkeeng

Don't throw away those mucky, grungy under papers and blotting papers. Better yet, make some muck on purpose! Join me as I demonstrate one way to go from muck to a work of art!

Desert Blooms

Presented by Kimberly Heil

Hi y'all ! Desert blooms is a class inspired by a recent visit to New Mexico. I fell in love with the land, the colors, and of course the cacti! In this class we will create a mixed media painting of a blooming cactus. We will be using old pieces of papers, tissue, stamps, and paints to create a mixed media artwork. My hope is that you will have fun, be curious, and if you don't love something add another layer!

Art is Magic presents the Creative Retreat- Kimberly Heli

Art is Magic presents the Creative Retreat-Mickie Wilde

Creative Bee-ing

Presented by Micki Wilde

Join me in an exploration of whimsical wonder as I share with you some of my favourite techniques to make layers, expressive marks and subtle textures throughout a small painting creating interest and curiosity. With encouragement to draw and paint loosely and release ideas of expectation, my lessons are about letting go and having fun with the paint. These animals and creatures have a special place in my heart and I hope they will in yours too.


Trusting Yourself & Letting Go

Presented by Lauren Rudolph

As human beings I believe a powerful lesson in life is learning to let go.   We learn from a young age to hold on tightly, grab with both hands and squeeze leaving us tense and constricted. This is a lesson in connecting to the energy of letting go through the figure and freedom of self-expression. We will explore the feelings that lie beneath the surface that drive our energy and connect to that moment when we open and release.

Amanda Grace for the Creative Retreat

Altered Book Journaling

Presented by Amanda Grace

You'll never make new discoveries, by staying on the same old ground. But how does one, change things up without creating a new fear of the blank page?
Simple. Don't use a blank page!

In this lesson, we are going to take an illustrated book and make it our own. Abandon all outcomes and come with me as we take our journal practice, outside the comfort zone of familiarity. Let's experiment and see what we find in already published pages as we create from a place of response.

Magic Lion

Presented by Pia Rom

We play with watercolours and fill up the spread with fun collage bits and bobs to create  a lil story on top of our watercolour image…Have fun

Art is Magic presents the Creative Retreat- Pia Rom

Art is Magic presents the Creative Retreat- Andrea Gomoll

Nature inspired Sacred Space Art

Presented by Andrea Gomoll

In our busy, stressful Everyday Life it is important to have a little "Happy Space" where you can take a little "Time Out", ground yourself and refocus - just a little Sacred Space that gives you positive Energy throughout the Day. Join me in this Lesson as I share one of my favourite Ways to personalize your Sacred Space with your own Artwork and this Way add even more personal Meaning to your Sacred Space. In this Lesson we will create some magical Sacred Space Art inspired by Nature and I hope you'll enjoy joining me on this little, magical Art-Adventure.

Art is Magic presents the Creative Retreat- Jeanette House

Foolproof Faces

Presented by Jeannette House

In {FOOLPROOF FACES}, we’ll look at different contour drawing techniques that, with practice, will help to build your confidence as an artist, and develop your personal style of drawing faces. These fun (even slightly bonkers!) techniques will all but shift your focus away from agonising over details and “mistakes”, and show you how to use and layer any imperfections in your drawings to add depth and character to finished faces you can be proud of.


Art is Magic presents the Creative Retreat- Toni Burt

She Emerges

Presented by Toni Burt

There is nothing like loosening up as a way to embody your artwork with a sense of freedom, emotion and feeling. Join me to create this lovely loose girl in soft water-soluble media. We'll use old recycled cardboard and vintage sheet music to give our girl character and charm.  The gorgeous mix of neutral tones and splashes of bold colour, combined with our loose pencil work, creates heartfelt emotion in our work. Let yourself feel the freedom of non-perfection as "she emerges".


Art is Magic presents the Creative Retreat- Veronica Funk

Creating Backgrounds

Presented by Veronica Funk
Facing a blank canvas can be intimidating.  Using acrylic paints and stencils we will have fun creating an interesting surface that can be displayed as is or, as in my next workshop, layered with imagery to create a finished painting.

Art is Magic presents the Creative Retreat- Fonda Clark Haight

Grow the Good

Presented by Fonda Clark Haight

We often focus on the parts of our art that we don’t like. What I know for sure is that the more we focus on the negative, the more negative there is.   This is a process to focus on the good and grow it.  If you’re looking for a way to “find” your style, this process will help you do that.  You just have to show up and sit with it.

Art is Magic presents the Creative Retreat- Jeanne Marie Webb

Meditative Daily Graphite

Presented by Jeanne Marie Webb

In this lesson I will be sharing with you one of my daily meditative practices with graphite to inspire you to create and practice as part of your own daily routine.

Creative Retreat with Cat Caracelo

Journey HOME to SELF

Presented by Cat Caracelo

This journey will help you to find new clues, three keys and a sacred landscape that offers life changing insights and some new sources of inner and outer magic that offers you a homecoming experience!