Ongoing Retreat

Your creative journey should not be limited to one weekend so we've created the ONGOING RETREAT PACKAGE. This includes extended access to the lesson from the weekend of the retreat as well as a new lesson sent out weekly for 18 weeks. Join us as we make Creative Retreat a practice to sustain our path, nurture our souls and support our creative unfolding.


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Bonus Lessons in the Ongoing Retreat


Mandala Altar

Presented by Galia Alena

In this lesson we will be creating a Mandala piece for our altars guided by our own personal symbols resulting in a deeply personal piece that can act as  a talisman.

Jeanne Marie Webb's lesson for the Creative Retreat

The Art of Surrender

Presented by Jeanne Marie Webb

Lesson in letting go of the expectation when your canvas has different ideas as this piece undergoes changes that require creative adaptation.

Creative Retreat Jeanette House

Emerging Faces

Presented by Jeanette House

In {EMERGING FACES}, we’ll create a multi-layered face that’s as much the focus of the painting as it is part of the background. We’ll combine contour drawings with a simple but effective background using layers, and take your face from sketchbook page to finished painting using minimal art supplies. I’ll offer my perspective on addressing a fear of the blank page, and show you how I incorporate any “imperfections” into the story of a finished painting.

Fonda Clark Haight for the Creative Retreat

Notes from Intuition

Presented by Fonda Clark Haight

I have a daily practice.  I sit down with a page and ask myself “what do I need to know”.  Or I pull a card and take inspiration from that for the day.  In this way I’m exploring that truthful edge that comes from just listening in to what is going on with my higher self.

Amanda Grace Art is Magic

Altered Images & finding your words

Presented by Amanda Grace

You'll never make new discoveries, by staying on the same old ground. But how does one, change things up without creating a new fear of the blank page?
Simple. Don't use a blank page!

In this lesson, we are going to alter images and find our own words. Let's experiment and see what we find in already published pages as we create from a place of response.


Shiloh Sophia for the Creative Retreat

Festival of the Open Heart

Presented by Shiloh Sophia

You are invited to take a look at a place in your life where you are feeling caged or stuck and set it free. We are going to the Festival of the open heart and allowing ourselves to experience freedom, through painting quickly and without concern for form, figures of celebration. Feeling the motion and integrating the new ideas. In this, we name where we are coiled up and also name and claim the antidote. While we are painting, we are resetting our subconscious and setting ourselves free.

Emma Petitt for the Creative Retreat

Be bold portrait

Presented by Emma Petitt

In this lesson I will be creating a very expressive loose portrait. I encourage you to go large in scale and work mainly with a large brush (1.5 inch brush). I encourage you to create freedom in both your mark making and your brush strokes. To soften and even paint over any drawing lines, to give a sense of fluidity and movement. I will be using scrapers and rubber kidneys to move the paint around. Applying and removing paint in equal measure! All these techniques will help create a very expressive, abstracted Portrait to move away from tight realism and move toward connection, emotion and personality.

Creative Retreat- Lucy Brydon

Whimsical Watercolours

Presented by Lucy Brydon

In this lesson we shall be learning how to paint a portrait using watercolours and adding in further details using coloured pencil. We will be learning about mixing skin tones, and adding in cute whimsical details using glazing techniques.

Creative Retreat Micki Wilde


Presented by Micki Wilde

Join me in an exploration of whimsical wonder as I share with you some of my favourite techniques to make layers, expressive marks and subtle textures throughout a small painting creating interest and curiosity. With encouragement to draw and paint loosely and release ideas of expectation, my lessons are about letting go and having fun with the paint. These animals and creatures have a special place in my heart and I hope they will in yours too.

Art is Magic's Creative Retreat with Mystele Kirkeeng

Abstracting Inspiration

Presented by Mystele Kirkeeng
Reference images are not just for creating likenesses. They are also great sources of inspiration for abstract paintings. Join me as I demonstrate one way to develop an abstracted image that embodies that inspiration.


Art is Magic's Creative Retreat with Toni Burt


Presented by Toni Burt

Astraea the Greek goddess of Justice .... that's what she spoke to me, the look in her eyes, don't mess with her!  There is something freeing in creating loose artwork, no plan to follow, just a vague idea.  Tearing up paper, scratching with a pencil, blobs of wayward watercolour.   It all comes together in the end, and often in surprising ways... when you have no real plan.  Join me as we use loose techniques, and lots of paper tearing!  to create our goddess.



Veronica Funk for Art is Magic's Creative Retreat

Making your Mark

Presented by Veronica Funk

Inspired by graffiti, we will begin by utilizing acrylic paint, stencils, stamps or other mark-making tools to create a vibrant background.  While working intuitively we will explore colour theory, contrast, and the value of mark-making.  We will complete our paintings by including a combination of symbols and images to create a visual story inspired by personal memories.

Pia Rom for the Creative Retreat Art is Magic

Magic place

Presented by Pia Rom

We create a journal spread with the help of collage out of magazines, pattern and selfmade papers…We try to create a storyful spread by using a limited colourpalette to get a cohesive feeling. We build layers over layers, play with shapes and contrasts, we try to be brave and bold with our brushmarks to get a nice lil story in the end… Have fun


Crystal inspired Sacred Space Art

Presented by Andrea Gomoll

Join me in this Lesson as we will dig even deeper into creating personal, meaningful Art for your Sacred Space. In this Lesson we will focus on creating some Art inspired by the Power and Energy of Crystals - one of my favourite and most inspiring Elements to add to my Sacred Spaces. We will create another magical Piece of Watercolor Art for our own little Sacred Space working with Smokey Quartz and Amethyst.


Creative Retreat with Kimberly Heil

Desert Blooms 2

Presented by Kimberly Heil

In this class we will build upon what we learn in our first class as
we develop a desert landscape. We will again be using a mixed media
approach along with more painting. This painting is larger than the
first so don't feel as if you need to rush through adding the mixed
media pieces, as I discuss in the video I took more time deciding
where to put pieces. Let your inner intuition be your guide when
placing your mixed media papers. As always my hope for you is to have
fun, be curious, and if you don't love something add another layer!

Cat Caracelo for Creative Retreat

Mythic Moon Traveling Journal

Presented by Cat Caracelo


Stephanie Lee for the Creative Retreat

Finished is better than perfect

Presented by Stephanie Lee

"Finished is better than perfect"...or so the saying goes. And though a creative mind is often resistant to calling something finished when it doesn't feel perfect, there is truth to this council that can free up our creativity even more. Perfectionism resists 'finished' and your soul and your subconscious need 'finished' in order to move onto the next creative idea with joy and freedom.

In this lesson, you will be guided through a few potent questions that you can use to break down perfectionism barriers, heal any ideas of "not good enough", and liberate your maker heart to  move according to spontaneous impulse. These questions will help you simplify your creative processes and cultivate momentum that the satisfaction of 'finished' brings."

Lauren Rudolph for the Creative Retreat

Knowing Yourself & Letting Go

Presented by Lauren Rudolph
In this lesson viewed more as a creative exercise, we will once again explore the figure as a means for connection to our inner self and our energy. Energy flows when we let go, but to get there is a conscious devoted practice. With these thoughts in mind, we will create an art piece based on flow and the most important thing there is I believe, knowing and connecting to ourselves.


NB- After payment you should be automagically redirected back to this site to complete registration. If you are not please check your email receipt for a link to complete registration on to the class list.