The flower is the poetry of reproduction.
It is an example of the eternal seductiveness of life.

In the Garden- Flower Studies with the Masters

In this course we will be following the tradition of many great artists and learning from those artists who came before us. We will be studying under the tutelage of Redon, Gauguin, Mackintosh and Preston, all of whom each have something unique and magical to teach us about painting flowers. We will study their work, their methods and processes and then we will be taking what we learn to produce our own pieces, to inspire and develop our own craft and expression, to stretch our skills and deepen our confidence.

4 Artists 4 Weeks 4 lessons each week (minimum)


Producing this class has been a love affair- a love affair with each of the artists as I fell more and more in love with their work, a love affair with my garden in all it's winter glory, and a love affair with creating, with painting, with sketching, with pastels, with watercolours, with drawing- with the act of making art.

Now available as self-paced with instant access
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4 weeks workshop- $88

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There are always flowers for those who want to see them.

The Artists:

Redon- The Prince of Dreams
Redon's work explored the triumph of light over darkness and after years of working in monochromatic images, his Noirs, colour exploded onto his canvas in a celebration of life through flowers filtered through his dreams.

Mackintosh- A Modern Man

Much celebrated for his architectural work, Mackintosh was a master of design and hugely influential over the Art Nouveau movement, bringing design and detail perfection to the decorative arts.

Gauguin- In search of Eden

Gauguin sort to find paradise on earth and when he couldn't he improvised and created works that aspire beyond the world in front of him to a create a utopian world.

Preston- Decoration without ornamentation

Preston brought Modernist ideas to her decorative floral arrangements adding influences of cubism, minimalism and abstraction to stylise her flower studies and bring Australian flora onto the canvas in new ways.

Earth laughs in flowers.

The Format:

Each week, for 4 weeks, we shall take one of the artists and immerse into their work, examining, studying, copying to learn and then finally taking what we have learnt into our own unique piece

 ☆    Minimum of 4 lessons per week.
 ☆    Lessons delivered via video along with support slideshows, photos and text.
 ☆    Community Facebook group to share and be further inspired.
 ☆    Acrylic painting, pastels, watercolour, sketching and drawing, journaling and relief printing.
 ☆    Lifetime access*

At the end of this course you should walk away with new techniques and approaches to painting flowers along with the confidence to tackle what can at times seem like a daunting subject matter with all the delicate patterns, profusions of colour and mass of detail.

Now available as self-paced with instant access
(Once you sign up you will receive instant access)

4 weeks workshop- $88

NB- After payment you should be automagically redirected back to this site to complete registration.

Come & join me falling in love with the delicacy of petals, with the vibrant colours, with the memories of Spring, with winter sunlight on your eyelids, with brush strokes & rich pages.
Galia Alena

Previous Participant's Class Work:


Now available as self-paced with instant access
(Once you sign up you will receive instant access)

4 weeks workshop- $88

N.B. After payment you should be redirected to complete registration


Who can sign up for this course?
All creative souls, that is everyone!! Whether beginner or more experience,

I’ve never done any art or anything like this before, can I still sign up?
Perfect, what a wonderful way to start.

What sort of supplies do I need to do this course?

There is a supply list HERE, however they are just suggestions- for many of the lessons you will be able to use what you have at hand. There is usually no need to go out and buy more.

Internet connection- you will need enough to be able to watch the videos and participate.

I’m not on Facebook, can I still do the class?
You don’t need to be on Facebook to do the class, you can just work from the classroom if you like. I resisted signing up for Facebook for a long time and I am so glad that I finally did- the benefits of being in community with so many like minded people who are willing to share far out weighs any reservations I had. If you are on facebook and you join the group, we will all benefit from the shared experiences, lessons and inspirations, including me (I can’t wait to be inspired by you all). It is totally your choice how you want to do this workshop.

Can I share the class with others?
We would absolutely love it if you told others about this workshop, however I am sharing heartwork here and months of work on this project and would really appreciate it if you didn’t share the actual classes with anyone who hasn’t signed up for them. It is both good Karma and good manners :)

Can I share what I do in the course?
Absolutely, of course, we would love a mention (as an honouring of the teacher/master who inspired you) and a link back and there is a button you can pop up on your blog if you would like (I would be so grateful). & we would so love to see what you create in the Facebook group.

How long will the In the Garden go for ?

In the Garden- Flower Studies with the Masters runs for 4 weeks with at least 4 lessons each week and lifetime access*. Now available as a self paced workshop

How long will I have access to the workshop?
* You will have access to lifetime access to the classroom for as long as the classroom stays online (by which I mean that access will be ongoing for years unforeseen circumstance aside for as long as this site can be maintained) The Facebook group will stay open so that the community there can continue to inspire each other and share knowledge :)

Once I sign up for the course can I change my mind?

Sorry, but all sales are final due to the digital nature of this workshop- once you have signed up there are no refunds for this course.