Make Create Express lessons

Below you can see a peek at all the wonderful lessons created for you by our amazing artists, with 54 lessons it's a bit of a long scroll. Each week a new lesson will be posted to the classroom, 27 teachers with 2 lessons each over the year. Half of these lessons will be available for Free during the Make Create Express Free Creative Weekend (6th & 7th of July).


Sacred Space with Galia Alena, a mixed media workshop

A handmade life- Sacred space

Presented by Galia Alena

I believe that art can be an altar for what we are calling in, a moving meditation and prayer, medicine for the soul. In this lesson we will be creating a piece to call in what we need- for me it was Sacred Space- calm, quiet, spacious, reflective. We’ll be keeping it simple and soothing, beautiful balm for the soul, using colours that heal, personal symbols and sacred geometry. Art is good medicine.

Bonus: I am also including a little bonus lesson on covering your piece with encaustics to give it a scrumptious and delicious finish.


A handmade life- the mythology of you

Presented by Galia Alena

Going deeper with the ideas explored above we will be creating a “vision board” of sorts, only arty, and beautiful, and luscious, to call in what we are wanting to step into. First we will be connecting with ourselves to get intentional, art as self-care, and then we will manifest, literally, create our vision. We will be using composition and colour to give it resonance and layering and embellishing to strengthen the connections in all the ways (image here is WIP- work in progress and not the finished piece).

finished painting-1.JPG

Mixed media portrait on fabric

Presented by Yvonne Morrell

We will create our mixed media portrait on a loose piece of fabric which gives us the liberty to present it in different ways later on. (on a wooden board, stretched on a canvas or as a book cover) 

What you will learn:
How to prepare the fabric
Create a mixed media base with collage and acrylics.
Invent a portrait and finish with crayons and ink. Ideas for presentation.want to take.

finished painting.JPG

Mixed media imaginary town

Presented by Yvonne Morrell

We will create a mixed media imaginary town on handcrafted paper.
You will learn:
Integrating collage into your painting
Acrylic paint, line work adding words or poems.
Creating a small painting.

Lesson 1 Finished- Tracy Verdugo.jpg

Garden of Delight

Presented by Tracy Verdugo

In a delightful mix of portraiture and Summer blooms we’ll explore the theme of allowing ourselves to feel delight at the little things; a stroll through the garden, a passing butterfly, an unfurling flower.

Using mixed media; acrylics, collage and oil pastels, we’ll create a stunning, vibrant and joy-filled painting of a woman focused on the sweet spots of life!

Online Mixed Media workshop with Tracy Verdugo

Embrace the unravelling!

Presented by Tracy Verdugo

In this lesson we’ll take a step further and explore the concept that in art (and life) we have the freedom to embrace the unravelling, to find the beauty in the messy and to explore the new life and possibility that can emerge from a curious and deliberate approach to these themes.

Using similar tools but a whole different take, we will take elements of our portrait (color, line, cropped sections) and morph them into a fabulous abstract!

Landshapes art workshop with Hali Karla


Presented by Hali Karla

The way we see shapes how we inhabit, engage, hold and give life to the environments, stories and relationships that, in turn, shape us. The same can be applied to how we enter the worlds of our Creative Practice. Is there a greater, more infinite muse than Nature herself to keep a Creative Practice sustained and growing in all the seasons of life? She nourishes our bodies, delights our senses, contains worlds within worlds that speak to all life’s cycles and dynamics. Whether we are able to venture outdoors much or not, she is available and ready to induce wonder for the willing. Through several invitations and techniques, we will (re)connect and activate ways of discerning elements and demystifying layers that give shape to landscape environments and point to possibilities for our process. These approaches can be applied to all subject matter, style explorations and visual creations.

Dreamscapes a mixed media workshop with Hali Karla


Presented by Hali Karla

Playing with ideas from our Landshapes exercises, we will open the gates of possibilities and see what happens when our intuitive, imaginative sense mingles with how and what we see. Where will our natural muse take us when we have no destination in mind? What are we carrying with us? What lands will form beneath our brushes to meet us? How might we feed it and care for it? Dive into its depths and celebrate its seeds of delight? Who - or what - might show up from within - familiar or unexpected?

We will create a Dreamscape painting (or art journal spread) together, from start to finish. No two worlds will be the same, and I will share with you process musings and prompts to navigate this mixed-media exploration unique to your inner landscape dreaming itself into being.

Art journaling lesson with Jenny Grant

The Path is the Goal

Presented by Jenny Grant

In this lesson I will bring you into my magic world of art journaling and give you an input in how I practice to find my flow and my creative spark. I will create with collage and paint on a spread in an old book. For me, art journaling is my resting place where I give my self time to recover. My art journaling process is totally free from requirements, rules, results or obligations. It is a way for my creative soul to be totally free and a way to find connection to the creative source within. Art Journaling is a very important part of my creative process and I’m excited to show you how it helps me to relax, to let go and to find my flow! Ultimately, art journaling opens up the magic of what is unique within me! The process, the path, is the important part, the result is secondary.

Perfectly Imperfect 1.JPG

Perfectly Imperfect

Presented by Jenny Grant

In this lesson I will continue to create in my old book and I will share my love to painting faces. Faces can be a bit intimidating to draw and paint and I know that many of us, me included, feel a bit scared and frustrated when we get to the "ugly stage" in the painting process and everything looks a bit awkward. I will give you some tools and tricks that will help you to enjoy the process, instead of resisting it and to be ok with the imperfections! I hope this class will allow you to flow through those challenging stages and to let go of that fear. In the end, I will show you how I turn my journal pages into soulful pieces of art, packed with creative energy! I add, rip, paint and alter the pages all the time and they continually evolve. It all ends up being perfectly imperfect.

Natalie Eslick drawing workshop online

Sweet sparrow

Presented by Natalie Eslick

The sparrow is a bird sacred to the Goddess Aphrodite, and plays a role in many myths, fairy-tales and superstitions around the world. Join me in creating a small study of a Sweet Sparrow using coloured pencils on toned paper, celebrating the beauty and intricacy of a tiny creature we may not have paid close attention to before.

Moon Goddes drawing lesson Natalie Eslick

Moon goddess

Presented by Natalie Eslick

Moon Goddess

Let’s celebrate the divine feminine together and pay homage to the moon in this exercise! Together we will determine the best composition for our piece using reference, learn to approach even the more difficult aspects of figure drawing (hands!) in terms of shapes, and render a Goddess and her moon in charcoal on toned paper.

Color Femme Free.jpeg

Color Femme Free

Presented by Tiare Smith

Freely create and celebrate the feminine and color.  Release your inner artist and set your soul free.

Night Moves

Presented by Tiare Smith

Come dance with me beneath the moon. Set your spirit, set your soul, set your art free in this wonderful mixed media class. Explore fun techniques, blending color and the female form.a

NIght Moves.jpeg

Online art workshop with Marybeth Shaw

Nothing to hide

Presented by Marybeth Shaw

My creative process always involves the making of parts. By this, I mean handmade parts that I make and use for collage, art journals, or paintings. I just love having a stash of personal component parts to use in my work. Lately I am obsessed with transparent layers. Come along as we explore transparency vs. opacity and learn to make parts from a variety of materials. You will simply marvel at the the options.

Colour wheel lesson with Marybeth Shaw

Limited Palette

Presented by Marybeth Shaw

“The Limited Palette: building a color wheel of muted beauty”

Confession time - I am a geek for color wheels! In this class, I will guide an exploration of triad work using Acrylics paints, but not in the way you might expect! Instead, we will use our triad to create neutrals and invent an even wider range of muted colors. Your painting repertoire will expand immensely. I will be using Golden Fluid Acrylics, but will offer ideas for paint substitutions if those happen to be unavailable in your area.

Mixed media art workshop with Muriel Stegers

Born to Be Different

Presented by Muriel Stegers

This is a mixed media project in which we play with products and mediums. We will use acrylics, inks, stencils and collage.. and warm up to create a vibe of trust to let the paint go where it needs to go. We talk about letting go, disconnecting to outcome and stepping in the moment. I will show you the process authentically and talk about every step I take and all the feelings that go with it. The goal is to not give up.. to not quit and to trust that art always appears when you follow your heart.

Muriel Stegers  expressive eyes painting workshop

Expressive & Soulful Eyes

Presented by Muriel Stegers

Eyes are the windows to the soul. In this project we focus on creating eyes. How to do the color of the iris. How to build the color layers of the face around the eyes. How to shape the eyes and detail them. Around the eyes we do a bit of expressive painting and play with negative space. Let’s paint expressive eyes.

Talking To Trees 2.jpg

Talking To Trees

Presented by Connie Solera

Whenever I need guidance or clarity I seek out the wisdom of a tree. The simple act of setting an intention and taking time to sketch attentively helps me connect to the wisdom trees always have to offer. In Talking To Trees I walk you through my own personal process of sketching trees with ink pens and show you how doing so helps me harvest their grounded guidance. Then last, we take our sketches into the studio and add a some playful color by using one of my favorite art materials: Tombow Dual Brush Pens.

Connie Solera mixed media art workshop

Talking To Trees 2

Presented by Connie Solera

Talking to Trees 2 picks up where the first workshop ended -- in the studio! Using acrylic paint, oil pastels, graphite, and collage ephemeral, in this workshop I will guide you in creating a mixed-media diptych that extracts the essence of our sketches and deepens our connection to the wisdom our trees have to share.

Whitney Freya mixed media lesson

Painting Your Guide

Presented by Whitney Freya

Immerse yourself in Whitney Freya's intuitive watercolor, mixed media process to Paint Your Guide and receive divine insight into the art that is your life. You are invited to create with Brusho Crystal Colours, an amazing watercolor medium that results in the most brilliant colors and enhances the intuitive process.

Whitney Freya mixed media art

Creating Your Power Object

Presented by Whitney FreyaI

In shamanism, you are taught how to imbue everyday object or natural totems into energetic talismans in alignment with your highest good. In this lesson, Whitney Freya shares her process of creating an acrylic painting that is a Power Object and explains why these paintings are exponentially more powerful. When we commit to creating coherent consciousness around our desires through this process, you can be reassured that your dreams will manifest into your life experience.

mixed media workshop Fonda Clark Haight


Presented by Fonda Clark Haight

Storytellers is a class teaching a process, not an end result. When you draw that beautiful face, landscape, or animal, and you look at it and think something is missing….what’s missing is you. Your feelings, your truth in the moment, your experience as a human being, these are the things that help you create a style, a call to the viewer, a healing experience. This is a process about learning to tell your story. If you let the world tell your story, nothing will ever be how you want it. You have to tell your own story. Stories are powerful things….they can shape the world if you tell them right.

Follow your story Fonda Clark Haight

Follow Your Story

Presented by Fonda Clark Haight

What makes a story great? What makes someone a good storyteller in their art? Storytelling is something we all do naturally, but there’s a difference between truthful storytelling and imaginary stories. So often we want the story to be pretty, because we are artists. We think that beautiful art is the goal. I would argue that truthful art is the goal, which is beautiful in it’s truth. We want to create a call to the viewer, that resonates, with a truth deep within themselves. How can we do that? We follow our own story, letting what wants to show up be in the piece. This is a process, and it takes time and practice. This is a process about sitting with your art and listening to your own truth!

Melanie Rivers mixed media workshop

Moment of Serenity

Presented by Melanie Rivers

In this mixed media lesson, we will create an expressive female portrait that captures a moment of serenity. We will use acrylic paints and patterned papers in soothing colours. She will be a reminder on how to find moments of peace in our daily lives.

Melanie Rivers mixed media workshop


Presented by Melanie Rivers

A journey—the unknown, adventure and possibilities, a becoming, an un-becoming… In this mixed media lesson, we will explore the idea of a journey and portray this through imagery, color and writing. We will create an expressive female portrait in acrylic paints and I’ll lead you through writing a short poem (3-5 lines) to capture her journey story --real or imagined.


Charcoal expression

Presented by Jerney Marisha

In this lesson I will show you an intuitive way of approaching a portrait to achieve emotion.

You will learn how to focus on certain features and how to adjust them as you go to find the mood you would like to set.

We will discuss different types of charcoal and how to make the best use of their characteristics. We will play around with mark making to add texture and interest to your piece.

jerney Marisha mixed media and charcoal workshop

Fearless faces

Presented by Jerney Marisha

For this lesson we will be sculpting the face directly with paint, building up the portrait in layers. I hope by doing this exercise you will learn to trust your gut and your ability to tweak the features along the way. We will embrace some wonkiness and imperfection and take a leap of faith by having the courage to destruct and rebuild the face to loosen up and let go of too much attachment.

Mixed media lesson by Nanda Bourkes

Journey to Inner peace

Presented by Nanda Bourkes

In this lesson we will create am intuitive representation of yourself, a place where you can come back to, to tap into that feeling of calmness and inner peace.
We will create from intuition, allow ourselves to play and explore.
We will create with an open mind, letting go of perfectionism and ¨planning¨ our piece and just let emerge what wants to emerge, embracing imperfections.
We will create with intention, build layers, play with color, ground and connect by using our fingers, and create a beautiful and peaceful intuitive portrait. Let yourself feel the freedom, the inner peace of non-perfection as you see her emerge

Nanda Bourkes mixed media lesson

Your Guiding Angel

Presented by Nanda Bourkes

In this lesson we will create our guiding angel. We will explore, play and allow to paint what wants to be painted. We will trust our intuition and follow the nudges.
We will build up layers and will use the layers as part of our angel.
We are going to experiment and explore playing with stencils
We will create a beautiful compassionate angel, to remember we are loved, guided & supported unconditionally

Art workshop online with Marielle Stolp

Fairy days, fairy nights - Day

Presented by Marielle Stolp

After a busy day at work I love to relax by escaping to the fairy tale world. This is when I unwind by drawing and painting cute, whimsical fairies in my art journals. But this is also when their work starts! So many animals to tend to, so many flowers to water... Let's help them by creating a colourful flower fairy. They can use the extra help!

Fairy days, fairy nights - Night

Presented by Marielle Stolp

When the night comes many fairies will go to sleep but not all work is done... Some fairies go out to collect milk teeth, others need to light the stars. So let's also draw these nocturnal fairies a helper, but this time for lack of daylight in a muted palette and with loads of twinkling stars.

Fairy Nights art workshop with Mairelle Stolp

Louise Gale Mandala workshop mixed media

Heart Chakra Mandala Journal page

Presented by Louise Gale

Please join me to connect with our heart chakra, color and nature to combine all of these sacred energies to create a beautiful Heart Chakra Mandala journal page. We will gather materials and inspiration from nature in the heart chakra colors of green and pink, then create a Heart Centered Journal Spread in the form of a Heart Chakra Mandala. Lesson also includes a centering meditation and a pdf download to use for your journal pages. By the end of the session, you will feel calm, centered and connected to your heart chakra, bringing yourself into balance for more inspired creativity.


Heart Chakra Mixed Media Mandalas

Presented by Louise Gale

Following on from our Heart Chakra Mandala Journal page lesson, we will connect more deeply to create personal Mixed Media Heart Chakra Mandalas. I will take you through more step by step processes for creating heart chakra mandala designs and also inspire you to loosen up to create designs that are more personal to you. By the end of this lesson, you will have mini heart chakra mandalas and also a mixed media painting you can hang on your wall. Lesson also includes a Chakra Balancing Meditation and journal prompts to help you connect more deeply to your heart chakra.


Leslie Woods art workshop online

The Art of Pareidolia

Presented by Leslie Wood

Pareidolia is the tendency to perceive a specific, often meaningful image in a random or ambiguous visual pattern (via Webster); think of Rorschach inkblots, the face of Mars, elephants in the clouds.

I’ll be showing you two ways to make these random blobs using inks and acrylic paints. And then we’ll take those blobs and search out the characters in them that are waiting for your magical artistic touch to release them.


Make Create Express with Leslie Wood

Visual Storytelling

Presented by Leslie Wood

Visual Storytelling is a visual narrative told primarily through the use of visual media. Stories draw you in and put you into a world that may not be anything like your own. They let you travel along with characters to explore their worlds. I’ll be showing you some ideas to get your stories started in your own visual storytelling journey. We will use one of your own characters or Miss Ladybug from the Creative Retreat lesson to create a story of our own.

Laura Horn art workshop

Simply Slow

Presented by Laura Horn

Imagine slowing right down and letting go of the need to know all the answers and have all the things. This is my challenge to you. To keep it simple and slow it down. We are going to engage with the sensory experience of making art and take notice of the little details like how your paint pools or the sensation of your tools scraping across the page. Using simple shapes, a limited palette and delicate patterns we'll create an abstract piece inspired by nature.

Watercolour lesson with Laura Horn

Stepping Stones

Presented by Laura Horn

In this lesson, we are going to use gathered natural items (e.g. sticks, stones, pods) to create an abstract painting. You will discover tips and tricks for choosing colours, generating compositional ideas and layering mixed media supplies. This is a relaxing and fun class suitable for anyone that wants to explore abstract art.

Earth Guardian  mixed media workshop with Katrina Koltes

Earth guardian

Presented by Katrina Koltes

Since a few years I have started working more closely with spirit animals and totems, and love to include them in my art. In this lesson we will create our spirit animal guardian with oil pastels. I will share my blending techniques, and how I like to use non-traditional colors and elements to create a story. We will work very intuitively, staying open to any changes or directions our intuition takes us. By painting our spirit animal we will be welcoming it's guidance and magic in our lives.

Rebirth. Renewal. Transformation 2.jpg

Renewal, Rebirth, Transformation

Presented by Katrine Koltes

In this lesson we continue on from our first project of Spirit Animal Guides.  We will paint a Spirit Raven, as we tap into the intuitive magic that he brings. I show some of my favorite oil pastel techniques on black paper and how to create a special "glow" effect using a limited color palette. We also discuss composition options and how to make a painting really "flow". As we follow the Raven's guidance and magic, we create a story using symbolism.

Screen Shot 2019-05-22 at 6.19.22 pm.png

Love & After

Presented by Renata Loree

I am often asked how I create a journal page. This particular process is my favorite. I usually start with images and then some colors and see where it takes me. The details I add come spontaneously to my mind and I usually add on what ever needs to come to the surface and if it becomes covered later then that is the process. The final stage is then adding some doodles with gel pens to complete the story.

Art journal lesson with Renata Loree

armadillo day

Presented by Renata Loree

This page was another journal page I was experimenting with after I looked through a new book on spirit animals that I really loved. When I opened the page and read what is said, and the description of the Armadillo fit me perfect for the day, and so, I had to add some colors to it - and this is what it became…..

Wilna Furstenberg art journal page workshop

Love spread

Presented by Wilna Furstenberg

In this project, Wilna will show you her process from start to finish. She focuses on the use of acrylic ink, and line textures and widths when starting with the drawings and progress to painting the flowers with heavy body acrylic paints. After the first stage of painting the flowers, she takes you on a journey of layering washes and textures on an art journal page and lastly how to integrate the flowers with the background. Wilna believes Art is Therapy for the heart and she encourages the viewer to lean into the mindfulness of art making and in the end experience the joy of the finished product.

Wilna Furstenberg art journal lesson

delight spread

Presented by Wilna Furstenberg

In this Art Journal page Wilna works with watercolor paints to paint the illustration, which will be the focal point of the Art Journal page. She shows you her simple and duplicable way of paint drawing and painting with watercolors. The second step will be to layers acrylic washes and mixed media on the background of the art journal page and lastly integrating the whole page into a lovely finished product. Wilna encourages the viewer that the greatest benefit of Art is in the process and that the joy of art making is never in vein: it will show up in future works in the most unexpected ways.

Karina Bosse art workshop

Gaia, Mother earth

Presented by Karine Bosse

Born of universal chaos, she existed before anything else. Based on greek mythology.

My version is a strong black women. She’s a mixed media piece, I’ve made the background out of used coffee filter glued on a cradled wood panel. I used, watercolour and coloured pencils mainly.

Karine Bosse workshop.png

Floating between then and now

Presented by Karine Bosse

This painting came to me in a moment when I felt stuck between my past and where I wanted to go unable to live in the present moment. I felt like I was floating in a not so clean water like my past was sticking to me like petal in water, no matter how pretty some memories can be they can also keep us from being present in the now.

Art journaling lesson with Denise Daffara

A Priestess on my Page

Presented  by Denise Daffara

I set out with the intention to make this page an invitation to play with patterns I found on a collage piece.. and a tarot card, it soon became quite ordered and in a grid like arrangement . . . but it was really enjoyable to have moments of being lost in just making that one square hold that one design . . . If you take anything from this lesson . . . let it be that. Giving yourself just some moments to get lost in making a pattern on a piece of paper for no other reason than because you fancy the idea.


Little Pages

Presented by Denise Daffara

Two sheets of paper become two tiny books. One with collage and colour washes ready to be written in as you wish, the other holds lines from one of Mary Oliver’s wonderful poems “Wild Geese”. You make your marks on the paper, some paint, ink, pen, collage … a simple folding technique and a sweet little original book is made. A sweet keepsake, a gift for a birthday wish, endless possibilities from one sheet of paper.

Ancient Symbols Promo.jpg

Ancient symbols, painting your story

Presented by Amy Steinberg

An introduction to ancient symbols and their use in art, both historically and combining them into a story of your own.  We’ll use eight symbols to include in your art and work on a narrative to understand how painting your story and the use of ancient symbols can be so meaningful.


Art Symbols - A Personal Exploration

Presented by Amy Steinberg

Art Symbols - A Personal Exploration is a workshop introduction to finding symbols in your art and developing them as a first step in creating your own visual language.  All creatives have marks they make again and again, this short workshop will help you find some of your symbols to combine in a small painting. Symbols will help you with the narrative of your work and better explain to friends, family or clients what your paintings are about.n to ancient symbols and their use in art, both historically and combining them into a story of your own.  We’ll use eight symbols to include in your art and work on a narrative to understand how painting your story and the use of ancient symbols can be so meaningful.

Inner Alchemy Collage

Presented by Mindy Tsonas

Collage As Oracle: In this creative practice, images, colors and found words guide us to our inner magic and wisdom. The process of intuitive collage allows us to feel our desires with less attachment to inner dialogue, helping to quiet the inner critic. Here we practice the act of discernment, to unearth our truth. In this two-step process we will create through an embodied process of following the tug of YES in our hearts, in our bodies, to the page, and then ask our questions. Part creative play and part oracle reading, your Inner Alchemy Collage, in the end, holds all the answers to everything you wish to know

Gemstone Alchemy Paints

Presented by Mindy Tsonas

Infuse your paints with new layers of color magic, healing energy and intention, with this beautiful process of creating your own Gemstone Alchemy Paints. This easy process will allow you to use your beloved gemstones and their energy to add to the layers of all your mixed media creations! Learn the meanings of colors, their associations, and properties to intentionally create your very own paint potions that will add an exciting extra dimension to your work! So many fun ways to play with these - I'll show you how.

Kiala Givehand mixed media art project

Tidbits Journal

Presented by Kiala Givehand

Have you ever taken an amazing online class where you end the course with lots of heartfelt notes in various places, bits of random papers from all the glorious projects you completed, and several magic making ideas for how you can deepen your creative practice? Well, in this lesson I share some of my favorite techniques for creating a working journal for our Art is Magic retreat weekend. This dreamy journal is designed to be filled with bits and pieces from our weekend of making art together. I call it the Tidbits Journal and show you how I plan to use mine for the retreat. It will be a terrific way to capture our enchanting memories and ideas.


Poetic Pages

Presented by Kiala Givehand

Poetry, like abstract art, is often seen as intimidating, but I love to marry poetry and expressive painting as a way to inspire my art and my poetic musings in my journals. In this lesson I demonstrate how to create irresistible pages filled with delight and wonder inspired by poems from some of my favorite poets. And of course I walk you through a fun and easy way to write your own poem to include in your art AND to inspire future art making and creative sessions. Warning -- this process is magnetic and hypnotic -- you may have difficulty stopping.


Year long workshop - $147