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Creative Invitation

This is not a challenge but an invitation, an invitation to share a bit about our creative lives and …

Sacred Arts

This is the work that we are never done with. This dive into ourselves, into our Bone Wisdom, into our Creative Practice deepening our

Nurturing your Creative Cycles

Creative cycles

Somebody asked me the other day how I handle creative blocks. Naturally the synchronicity of this question ties in beautifully with what I’ve…

Boldness with Emma Petitt


Emma Petitt's lesson in the Creative Retreat was such a fabulous and loved lesson that we've been chatting about her creating her…


Down Deep

As I’ve talked about the Down Deep I keep referring to it as the Beloved Down Deep because truly to hear what past participants…



Combine the Healing Power of Nature with the Meditative Process of Mandala Making Louise Gale was one of our inspiring Art…

Raw vs Messy with Amanda Grace

Raw vs messy

Know what I love? A good question. Especially when it’s a question so simple, it may otherwise never have had the opportunity to be asked…



I’ve been working with Forgiveness for months now… as I told Galia the other day I think I have PFF or post filming fatigue lol.  But I thought it …

The Holy Trinity Classwork