Sacred Arts - an online mixed media workshop with Galia Alena
You can trust the promise of this opening; Unfurl yourself into the grace of beginning That is at one with your life’s desire.
— John O’Donohue

Sacred Arts- Mixed Media Dialogues with the Divine Feminine
13 mOOns-
a year of In*Spiration

Each time I show up to the blank page or canvas it is to listen. Sometimes I come with an enquiry, sometimes I come just to see what wants to be heard, either way a dialogue unfolds and it is through this dialogue that I create art, that I commune with spirit, that I meet myself. Without this dialogue, this backwards and forwards dance of listening and responding, my art practice lack meaning and my life wouldn't be so rich. There is no separation between my life, my spiritual practice and my art practice, all are entwined in this beautiful conversation when I stay open to all the questions and all of the whisperings. My art practice is a liberating act that allows me to access my deeper wisdom and knowing- my bone wisdom.

13 mOOns- $166

We begin with the new mOOn March 18th


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13 mOOns Mixed Media Dialogues Sister Keeper wisdom

This workshop is as Given, unfolding as we go. Each new mOOn we will delve into the mysteries of a new theme dialoguing with the Divine Feminine. Themes from Space Holding, Mother, Crone, Shakti, Compassion/Love, the Dark Goddess, the destroyer, Ancestry/lineage, Lunar phases and much more will be explored through multiple mixed media invitations always with the aim of finding your own truths and bone wisdom.  We will play in the realms of archetypes and symbols, mark making, intuition, intentional creativity and so much more. We will also be held and supported by the wisdom of Sister Keepers and the circle of kindred creatives. As such over the 13 mOOns we will create much beauty in a dance with the Divine Feminine to enrich our practice both on the blank page and in life.

Where I create there I am true.
— Rilke

The Format:

Each new mOOn for 13 mOOns we will dive into a new theme of exploration with art journaling, mixed media, crafts and I've invited some guest kindred sister keepers to share in their magical ways in our creative circle,

 ☆    Videos, photos, journaling prompts for explorations and mixed media lessons will be presented each month.
 ☆    Lessons delivered via video along with support audios, photos and text.
 ☆    Optional community Facebook group to circle and share, to inspire and support each other.
 ☆    Acrylic painting, watercolour, sketching and drawing, journaling, stamp carving, eco printing, paper clay sculpting and more.
 ☆    Guest Sister Keepers sharing their wisdom.
 ☆    Lifetime access*
 ☆    We begin with the new astrological year, March 18th

At the end of this workshop you will have developed a deeper connection and a creative dialogue with your own life, your own intuition and your own curiousities and you will have enriched the expression of your soul's unique voice.

This workshop is process oriented although I will guide you with some techniques to play with and many demonstrations of my own process as it is in the moment, moment to moment, fluid, showing up, intentional creativity. It is a creative journey, an ever unfolding journey.

You’ll connect with your own bone wisdom and learn to trust through listening. What wants to be born of your bone wisdom through your creativity?

13 mOOns- $166


NB- After payment you should be automagically redirected back to this site to complete registration. If you are not please check your email receipt for a link to complete registration on to the list.

Somewhere between a dream and a memory
I pull back to hear a whisper
Do you remember, she taunts,
when you saw between the worlds,
all that lies in possibility.

The Journey as it is Given so far...

1st mOOn- Space Holding
Journal as a space holder.
Making a journal, backgrounds and mark making as invitations to a conversation
Journal Spread- Bhuvaneshwari
Bonus- Circling with the Goddess- Bhuvaneshwari

2nd mOOn- Pacha Mama
Eco Printing- we'll be making papers and fabrics to use in our work- yummy.
Journal Spread- Elen of Ways

3rd mOOn- Archetypes
Symbols and archetypes (collage papers)
Journal Spread

Come and join me in this Creative Circle where there will be more questions than answers, much mystery, and astounding beauty.
— Galia Alena

Sister Keepers

Sister Keepers for Sacred Arts with Galia Alena