Sacred Arts- The Holy Trinity with Galia Alena

Sacred Arts- Mixed Media Dialogues with the Holy Trinity- Plant Allies, Animal Spirits & Stone Clans

In*Spired by Nature. Working with the Holy Trinity of Plant Allies, Animal Spirits and Stone Clans has gifted me profound insights of wisdom and support along my path. They are integral to my creative practice and the art I make is one of the ways I pay homage to this. In this workshop we will be working with our guides through mixed media expressions as a way to both listen to their teachings and honour their gifts all the while deepening our relationships with them.

Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.
Albert Einstein

Holy Trinity- $66


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Plant Allies Animal Spirits Stone Clans

Whether you have been working with Nature Spirit Guides for awhile or whether you are just beginning to, this workshop is designed to help you deepen your relationship with them. In*Spired by Nature

The Format:

This is a 3 week course (a week for each of the Spirit Guides: Plant Allies, Spirit Animals & Stone Clans) now available as self paced instant access.

 ☆    Videos, photos, a complete art journaling demo, prompts for explorations and mixed media lessons will be presented each week (for 3 weeks with a working rest week in between). And of course, the Luminous Babbles- audio guidance.
☆ There will be guidance to connect with your Spirit Guides if this is new to you, and prompts to deepen those relationships.
 ☆    Lessons are delivered via video along with support audios, photos and text.
 ☆    Optional community Facebook group to circle and share, to inspire and support each other.
 ☆    Acrylic painting, watercolour, sketching and drawing, journaling and gel printing.
 ☆    In*Spired by Nature.
 ☆    Lifetime access*
 ☆    Join anytime- I believe the circle is outside of linear time and space. Work at your own pace, perhaps a gentle and deep unfolding, perhaps an intense deep dive- it’s all perfect.

My wish is that at the end of this workshop you will have developed a deeper connection and a creative dialogue with your Spirit Guides enhancing your relationship with them.

This workshop is process oriented although I will guide you with some techniques to play with and many demonstrations of my own process as it is in the moment, moment to moment, fluid, showing up, intentional creativity. It is a creative journey, an ever unfolding journey.

You’ll connect with your guides and their teachings through your creativity- what will be birthed in the process?

Holy Trinity- $66


NB- After payment you should be automagically redirected back to this site to complete registration.

Come and join me in this Creative Circle where there will be more questions than answers, much mystery, and astounding beauty.
Galia Alena