Password: Redon

Colours on my palette: Please note, you absolutely do not need all of these colours, I am listing them here for your own reference and interest only. You can use what you have, mix colours or explore a new colour that intrigues you. I've included brands, again just for interest, most can be subsituted for a different brand if available, the exception being the Matisse Ultra Marine Blue which has a particular luminescence that the Golden doesn't (it is a very matte finish which really pops).

White- Matisse
Titan Buff- Golden
Brilliant Alizarin- Matisse
Burnt Umber- Matisse
Quinacridone Nickel Azo Gold - Golden
Yellow Ochre- Golden
Quinacridone Red- Golden
Cad Red- Matisse
Cad Yellow - Matisse
Naples Yellow- Winsor & Newton
Red Oxide- Golden
Dioxazine Purple- Matisse
Ultra Marine Blue- Matisse
Paynes Grey- Golden
Teal- Golden
Light Ultra Marine Blue- Golden
Jenkins Green -Golden

Chromium Green- Golden
Sap Green- Matisse

Bronze- Golden (totally optional - I used sparingly in my background but it is a beautiful paint that separates a bit to create a lovely patina of bronze and greens).

My can't live without is the Sta-Wet palette which allows me to keep an assortment of paints like this on the go and revolutionised my painting practice.

Assortment of brushes ( I abuse brushes so I buy cheap ones and often)

Art Spectrum Soft Pastels (use whatever brand you have)

Golden Gel Medium matte

Substrates: I used sketching paper, water colour paper and then an old place mat found at a garage sale as my board for my own piece.



Odilon Redon by Richard Hobbs

Redon by Gibson (Taschen)

Odilon Redon: L'expo

Mackintosh- Week 2

Password: Mackintosh

For this week we will be using sketching materials and water colours.

Pencils, I used Staedtler Mechanical Pencils 0.7mm
Pens, I used:
Pitt Pens Sepia, 
Prismacolor Premier Illustration Markers.
Lamy Safari pen,
Lamy Joy pen,
Substrates :
Sketchbook (as above)
Moleskine journal  (the journal I mentioned that I am preferring as it takes the watercolour better is the Stillman & Birn Beta Hardbound Sketchbook).
Water colour paper of your preference (see video)
Watercolour Paints:
Winsor & Newton travel set
Colours of your choice (Daniel Smith paints are beautiful as are other brands so use what you have :) ).


I wasn't able to get my hands on either of these books but the second one is on my wishlist (if anyone has access to them I would love to hear your thoughts). The only ones I was able to look at concetrated on his archtectural work and design work.

Charles Rennie MacKintosh: Art is the Flower- by Pamela Robertson

Charles Rennie Mackintosh in France: Landscape Watercolours -by Pamela Robertson

Gauguin- Week 3

Password: Gauguin

Many of the supplies for this week overlap with last week and are covered a bit more in the first video for the week but I did add a few colours into my palette which were new to me but inspired by Gauguin which you will find below. Again, I repeat, use what you have, mix and find the closest match you have (their is much learning in colour mixing too).

Matisse Emerald- Matisse
Prussian Blue- Matisse
Cobalt Violet- Golden (I used Ultramarine Violet)


These are just the ones I got to look at but I'm sure there are many others which would be good, such as the Taschen books

Gauguin: Escape to Eden- David Spence
Gauguin by Himself- edited by Belinda Thomson
The History and Techniques of the Great Masters: Gauguin- Linda Bolton
Gauguin- Masters of Art- Robert Goldwater
Gauguin- Lesley Stevenson

Preston- Week 4

Password;  Preston

Most of the supplies for this week are the same as in week 1& 3 except for the relief printing:

Carving Tools such as this one
Carving block such as the Speedball
Gamblin Relief Ink
Alternatively you could try a kit like this one or this one, which have water soluble inks.
Paper to print on
Vegetable oil, a de-greaser, old rags for clean up


Margaret Preston by Deborah Edwards
Margaret Preston by Elizabeth Butel