As always this supplies list is for your reference and curiousity only, there is no need to rush out and buy all these new supplies (unless, of course, your are an art supplies junkie and are looking for an excuse- you are not alone my friend)- use what you have on hand and if something tweaks your interest then maybe explore it further.

Mark Making Tools:
Graphite pencils
Charcoal pencils, black and white

Coloured pencils

Charcoal( willow, compressed)

An indelible marker, Posca, sharpies, roller ball etc

Water soluble coloured crayons- Neocolour water soluble crayons

Stabilo ‘mark all
Coloured pastels
Big Scruffy brush (household or just an old paintbrush)or rag

Sketch book or sheets of ‘throw away paper’
LARGE sheet of mixed media paper i used a 20 x 26 inch sheet

Acrylic Paint: a range of colours your choice but here are some suggested colours based on what is used in the lessons (you by no means need to race out and buy all these, they are just referenced as they are the colours Emma uses- you can use what you have):

Bright orange
Naples yellow
Raw sienna
Red oxide or mars red
Naples yellow red light (a buff colour)
Titanium white
Chromium green pale
Prussian blue
Sky blue,
Phthalo emerald (aqua)
Naples yellow red light (Buff)
Mars red (red oxide)
Paynes grey
Naples yellow
Quinacridone Crimson
Burnt umber
Sky blue
Greenish blue
naples yellow hue
Titanium white
Zinc white
Bright red
Olive green light
Yellow oxide or yellow oche
Chromium Green pale (Vallejo No 56)
Phthalo Turquoise (Vallejo no 47)

Water spray bottle

Household brush

Scruffy household paint brush and any other mark making implements(i use a bottle brush)
Palette knife
Kitchen roll

Old credit card or scrape