Supply List

Please note you do not need to run out and buy all these new supplies (unless, of course, you were hoping for an excuse and then by all means), this supply list is for your reference and to make things a bit easier (clickable images). Quite often you can make do with what you have or swap out one brand for another although it is always fun to experiment and play with different materials. Often on our journey its easy to think that if you just had the right this or that, or new this or that, then your work would progress. The most important thing is showing up to the practice of creating. The odd supply might be essential for one lesson here or there but if you have a general supply of basics you should be fine- improvise & experiment like an artist. Down the bottom you will find the supply lists from the presenters but remember you can swap things out, choose your own colours and improvise.

Also note- this list is subject to grow as the presenters add bits and bobs :)

Basic Supplies:

Here is a general list of supplies which will cover most lessons. Each presenter may use a range of specific supplies but most can be improvised with the following.

Substrates of choice- Art journal, watercolour paper, sketchbook, canvas, canvas board (also a note pad, or coy paper)
Gesso, white
Paints- A collection of colours
Inks- India ink, acrylic ink, alcohol inks
Adhesives- gel medium, modge podge, glue (one not all)
Drawing supplies- pencils, charcoal, crayons, pens, markers, Stabilo Aquarelle marking pencils, pastels

Ephemera- collaging papers
Found images and text, photos (personal), favourite quotes


Optional Supplies:

Creative Retreat Weekend Supplies:

Creativitea Time session- Denise Daffara

• smashbook / Mixed media strathmore art journal (or whatever you have)
• some collage papers, musical print/page from a book
• an image of a bathtub/bathroom from a magazine
• heavy body paints : carbon black, titanium white, magenta light, flow white if you have it.
white gesso
stabillo woody pencil - water soluble
white gel pen
• fine black permanent pen
• small paint brush, liner brush, various other flat brushes, medium sizedl
• 2B pencil
heavy body titanium white paint
neocolor II water soluable crayons : flesh and brown tones
paynes grey fluid paint - I used atelier flow. (golden fluids, or ink would work well too)
• brushes, flat medium sized, and one a little bigger, fingers

Break Free- Katrina Koltes

Canvas paper or canvas board (you can also use heavy watercolor paper)
• Heavy body acrylics I used: Titanium white, Payne’s Gray, and Cadmium red medium
• Fluid acrylic I used: Bone black (you can also use a heavy body black)
• Glazing medium
• Assorted paintbrushes (I used a filbert, a round blender, a fine liner and a chisel brush)  
• Charcoal and graphite pencils

Garden of Tranquility- Tiare Smith Woods
• Your favorite acrylic colors…I used shades of green, blue, pink and purple along with orange, white, black and skin tone choice of color.
Black PITT Artist Big Brush Pen
• Gesso
• Palette Knife
• Brayer
• Sponge
White Signo Uniball
Stabilo All
Pastel Pencils
• Watercolor Paper

Sketch and Sculpt- Louise Gale
    •    Drawing materials and paper
    •    Access to flower photos or a flower from life.
    •    Airdry clay such as DAS, JOVI or another brand
    •    Plastic wrap and bag to store the clay when not in use
    •    A board to lay the clay on (optional)
    •    Rolling pin or item to roll out clay
    •    Clay tools, craft knife or other tools you can find around the house to cut, mark, emboss and mould the clay.
    •    A small bowl of water
    •    Circular object to draw around such as a plastic cup.
    •    A piece of ribbon to hang your piece
    •    Acrylic paint or any type of paint you already have in your favourite colors
    •    Paintbrush and water jar

Inner Child- Fonda Clark Haight
•   Golden Matte Medium
•   Clear gesso
•   Caran D’ache Neo colors II
•   Craft paint
•   Golden Paint
•   Stabilio Marks All Black
•   Woody Stabilo
•   Pencil
•   Mixed media paper or journal

Fantastical Faces- Jennifer Bonneteau

•   11x14 or larger canvas or watercolor paper  
 •   White heavy bodied paint and fluid acrylics in the primary colors (red, blue and yellow) and any of your favorite colors. Some of my favorites are Golden brand Teal, Turquoise, Quinacridone Magenta, Quin Nickel Azo Gold, Paynes Gray, Pyrole Orange and Iridescent Gold and Pearl
•   Golden High-Flow Acrylics in Titanium White, Fluorescent Magenta and Fluorescent Orange or any of fluorescent paints you may have.
•   A few of your favorite heavy body paints
•   Paint brushes in various shape and sizes
•   Texture brush/wand (I used Catylist brand)
•   Ruler
•   Pencil
•   Spray bottle
•   Baby Wipes
•   Whatever you can gather around the house to use as a painting tool.  I raided my kids toy box and found Legos, an old truck, old puzzle pieces, etc.  I also used an old egg beater as a stamping tool and it’s my favorite ;) think outside the “toolbox” for this one ;)

Rise- Laly Mille

• Substrate of your choice: canvas, wood panel, heavy watercolor paper, art journal…
• Your choice of wings: either use a print or paint your own. It can be nice to have a few options at the ready.
• Paper scraps for collage, with some neutral tones: book pages, teabag paper, magazine cutouts…
• Gel medium: preferably satin or gloss (I mix matte and glossy to make a satin one). Either use soft gel or thin down regular gel with water to get a soft texture
• Medium flat paintbrush
• Small paintbrush
• Acrylic paints: titanium white + one light neutral tone (you can mix your own with white) + at least one accent color of your choice
Alcohol ink or acrylic ink matching your accent color
• Fine tip permanent marker in black and in white
• For the golden finish: gold / metallic acrylic paint or other supply of your choice: ink, metal leaf, pastel…