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The Down Deep

Mining your truths on the Creative Journey with Fonda Clark Haight


When we are stuck in our thinking mind, we can forget that we are creative beings with many different stories to tell. Beneath our “thinking mind” are hidden stories, skills, resources, positive values, dreams, and desires. In the down deep we listen for indications of strength and knowledge within our own life stories.  In this course you will learn how to put into practice new ways of “seeing”,  of mining the down deep of your subconscious. This is a way to begin to understand yourself and your world thru your art.

Registration is now closed- Class in session:
24th of September - 19th of October-

The Format:

Each week, for 4 weeks, Fonda will lead you through her process for tapping into her inner guidance to create mixed media pieces which are an expression of the artist's soul.

 ☆    Minimum of 4 lessons per week.
 ☆    Lessons delivered via video
 ☆    Community Facebook group to share and be further inspired.
 ☆    Acrylic painting, pastels, drawing, and journaling along with a few surprises.
 ☆    Lifetime access*

At the end of this course you should feel inspired to tap into the well of inspiration that resides within each of us to create pieces of art that are unique to you and are expressions of your inner landscape.


Artwork from the course:

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