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The Down Deep

Mining your truths on the Creative Journey with Fonda Clark Haight


When we are stuck in our thinking mind, we can forget that we are creative beings with many different stories to tell. Beneath our “thinking mind” are hidden stories, skills, resources, positive values, dreams, and desires. In the down deep we listen for indications of strength and knowledge within our own life stories.  In this course you will learn how to put into practice new ways of “seeing”,  of mining the down deep of your subconscious. This is a way to begin to understand yourself and your world thru your art.

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The Format:

Each week, for 4 weeks, Fonda will lead you through her process for tapping into her inner guidance to create mixed media pieces which are an expression of the artist's soul.

 ☆    Minimum of 4 lessons per week.
 ☆    Lessons delivered via video
 ☆    Community Facebook group to share and be further inspired.
 ☆    Acrylic painting, pastels, drawing, and journaling along with a few surprises.
 ☆    Lifetime access*

At the end of this course you should feel inspired to tap into the well of inspiration that resides within each of us to create pieces of art that are unique to you and are expressions of your inner landscape.


Artwork from the course:

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Participant's Work:


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in The Down Deep

Mining your truths on the Creative Journey with Fonda Clark Haight

Forgiveness is both an art and a practice. As an art, it begins with connecting to the subtle nuances of  your feelings and experiences in the Down deep,  and as a practice, it involves learning vital skills , skills we often weren’t taught as children. In this course you will learn some of the practices that have worked for me in finding clarity and resolution with those experiences that I encounter working in the Down Deep.  This is a class about finding and connecting with your true self thru your art practices.

Registration is now closed for Forgiveness
Class starts on the 29th of April

N.B.- Registration is only available for those who have done The Down Deep (please check your inbox to register).

The Format:

Each week, for 6 weeks, Fonda will lead you through her process for tapping into her inner guidance to create mixed media pieces with a deep dive into forgiveness for healing and transformation.

 ☆    6 week course
 ☆    Lessons delivered via video with support text and resources
 ☆    Community Facebook group to share and be further inspired.
 ☆    Acrylic painting, pastels, drawing, and journaling along with a few surprises.
 ☆    Lifetime access*
 ☆    Guest teacher Amanda Grace

 "In Forgiveness you will learn some of the practices that have worked for me in finding clarity and resolution with those experiences that I encounter working in the Down Deep.  This is a class about finding and connecting with your true self thru your art practices and the processes I’ve outlined, about the transformation of your story, your journey towards wholeness.   
You are not broken.
You are not unworthy.
You are not lacking anything.
You are complete.
You are whole.
You are sacred.
No other story is true. How do I know that?  Because if it’s true for anyone, it’s true for you. You, your art, your expression as a human in this world is sacred.  
True story. XO
Fonda Clark Haight

* Please note this course follows on from the work of The Down Deep and therefore  is only available to those who have previously enrolled for The Down Deep. Both workshops will run again in the future so be sure to pop your name on our mailing list to be notified when you can join us for the Down Deep.




Who can sign up for this course?
All creative souls, that is everyone!! Whether beginner or more experience,

I’ve never done any art or anything like this before, can I still sign up?
Perfect, what a wonderful way to start.

What sort of supplies do I need to do this course?

There is a supply list HERE, however they are just suggestions- for many of the lessons you will be able to use what you have at hand. There is usually no need to go out and buy more.

Internet connection- you will need enough to be able to watch the videos and participate.

I’m not on Facebook, can I still do the class?
You don’t need to be on Facebook to do the class, you can just work from the classroom if you like. I resisted signing up for Facebook for a long time and I am so glad that I finally did- the benefits of being in community with so many like minded people who are willing to share far out weighs any reservations I had. If you are on facebook and you join the group, we will all benefit from the shared experiences, lessons and inspirations, including me (I can’t wait to be inspired by you all). It is totally your choice how you want to do this workshop.

Can I share the class with others?
We would absolutely love it if you told others about this workshop, however Fonda issharing heartwork here and months of work on this project and would really appreciate it if you didn’t share the actual classes with anyone who hasn’t signed up for them. It is both good Karma and good manners :)

Can I share what I do in the course?
Absolutely, of course, we would love a mention (as an honouring of the teacher/master who inspired you) and a link back and there is a button you can pop up on your blog if you would like (I would be so grateful). & we would so love to see what you create in the Facebook group.

How long will the Deep Down go for ?

The Deep Down runs for 4 weeks with lifetime access*. 24th of September until the 19th of October

How long will I have access to the workshop?
* You will have access to lifetime access to the classroom for as long as the classroom stays online (by which I mean that access will be ongoing for years unforeseen circumstance aside for as long as this site can be maintained) The Facebook group will stay open so that the community there can continue to inspire each other and share knowledge :)

Once I sign up for the course can I change my mind?

Sorry, but all sales are final due to the digital nature of this workshop- once you have signed up there are no refunds for this course.

Testimonials for the Down Deep:

This astounding group, this collection of wise wonderful sages, shamanic interpreters of souls. Fonda Clark Haight found us, gently reached in and tore a piece from each of our hearts and collaged us together. I hope we don’t drift too far apart. I like me when I’m connected with you all. I find myself reading your posts, then sticking my fingers in my ears to block the outside cacophony in my daily world and reading the post again, slower, breathing it in....breathing in The Down Deep.

Sharon Waggy

leslie wood 1.jpg


Best online class I’ve ever taken!!! I can’t say enough about Fonda and her classes. Her Down Deep class not only was full of yummy techniques, but as a teacher she is one of the most nurturing and supportive and really gives so much of herself not only on her art but in the students journey in her classes. She is able to tap into places in your art that you may have never explored and she helps you push it even further. I can’t say enough about how much her class meant to me.

Leslie Wood

Carol weibe 3.jpg

I signed up for Fonda’s course, The Down Deep, because her art really appealed to me and I thought I would have fun getting some insights into how she worked and how she thought. Mother have mercy, was I in for a surprise. Fonda included all the obligatory components of an excellent course: a mind grabbing title, entertaining and informative videos, an interested and involved teacher. However, she was NOT kidding when she promised we would go Down Deep. She was not the kind of teacher who made up a fancy title and then it was ho-hum work as usual. What kind of teacher was she? The kind that goes above and way beyond, or way down deep in this case. The kind that is not just a leader, but a participant, in the best sense of the word. The kind that is not just a teacher, but a Shaman. I do not use the term Shaman lightly, but it completely fits the magic that Fonda evoked from participants in this class. A Shaman travels into other dimensions and brings back healing visions for her followers. Fonda did this with her art, and her demonstrations of how she created it. But what clinched the title of Shaman, for me, was watching how lovingly and deftly she encouraged her participants to make their own magic. They could use the materials she suggested and demonstrated, but she admired their efforts and encouraged them to use any means and methods they resonated with. Most incredible of all, was her uncanny knack for delving to the heart of any spread she saw, and intuiting what that person needed to hear. You could literally see confidence and new art bursting through everywhere on our online class page, in response to her stimulating encouragement. (The participants of the class also reacted to each other in kind: there was an outpouring of support like I have never seen in the many classes I have taken.) Time after time students declared they had made breakthroughs, and attributed it to Fonda’s influence, declaring “This never would have happened without you.” Fonda, our Shaman, created a safe place for participants to share in a way that was not just honest, but intimate and revelatory. Fonda was always compassionate, never deprecating, to herself or anyone else. And FUNNY—dang, that woman has a sense of humour (Dang is a word she uses often, and we have all adopted it, lol.) I not only saw developments in the work of others. I experienced them myself, and I have made art for decades. So, do I think Fonda walks on water? No, she is wonderfully flawed and imperfect and deliciously talented and completely human. That is why she relates so well to her class participants. And I love her. How many classes did you take where you could say, afterwards, about the teacher, I love her. That is the kind of response Fonda Clarke Haight inspires. If you see a class out there that Fonda is teaching, take it. Sign up quickly, before it fills with those of us who have taken her classes before.

Carol Wiebe


This was a course like no other I have taken....and believe me I've taken a few! For me it was permission to find the most astonishing images in "ugly backgrounds"....and the fascination of watching Fonda do just that on the video.....that would have been enough. But the magical thing for me was the way she was there for every one of us, guiding, supporting, encouraging.....and the group responded to that in a quite wonderful way. I met people that I am so glad I met. 5 months on we are still posting and sharing....and Fonda is still popping in to say Hi. This is so recommended if you want to peer into your dreaming less than quite conscious self....and find it loved that you came to visit.

Fiona Knox

Lynn Klausli Ruehlmann.jpg

Fonda Clark Haight's Down Deep class will be with me for quite awhile. She's done it all: provided new techniques and stayed available long past the end of the class. Before this class I had used a written journal to try to make sense of my life and emotions. This was the first time I actually understood someone's process for doing the same thing with visual art. I really have only just begun to explore this, but Fonda gently and deftly has given me tools that I understand and can replicate, and I'm grateful!

Lynn Ruehlman

Jessica Bowman.jpg

I had the pleasure to take an art course from Fonda Clark Haight which I absolutely enjoyed from beginning to end. I enjoyed it so much that I will be working my way through the entire course again! Her authenticity, thoughtfulness and compassion came through every word, image, and lesson she offered. I highly recommend her courses and simply can't wait for the next class she offers to become available. Thank you Fonda! Sincerely,

Jessica Bowman, M.A.

mares walter.jpg

Fonda’s class has been the best online class I have ever taken. Fonda has an art journalling process that is easy to get into, but amazingly deep and healing. Fonda herself has an incredible presence. Even online, she holds the group in a very safe and loving way. I couldn’t recommend her class more.

Mares Walter