Artist Profile- Tiare Smith

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Why do you create art?

I create because I must. It is in my bones and it frees my soul and emotion.  It allows me to honor who I am, where I come from and my heart. 

Tell us about your journey to become an artist? 

I have always been artsy, creative. I have always been a maker. I was born with it flowing through my blood. However, I did have a time when I lost my way from art but not from creativity. Always making with my hands but I had totally left the idea of drawing and I started scrapbooking instead. This happened because a college drawing class sucked the life right out of me for 18 years. Eeeek!  Crazy how that happened but being forced to draw what did not move me, moved me away from my pencil. I reclaimed my creativity in a burst of tears and emotion the first time I picked up a pencil after that. 

Tell us about your journey to claim the title artist? 

Honestly, you can claim it whenever you want, when you feel it in your heart. This part is super personal some have rules on what it means, some do not. Some need others to give them the thumbs up or validate them.  Don’t get me wrong those things are wonderful and surely validating.  However, I’m not so much into rules. I make things I love and there are others who love it too. It’s art because I say it is or because you say it is. I pour my heart onto a canvas…I call it art and that’s that. I am an artist! 

Ariana Tiare Smith
What is it about making art that stirs your soul? 

Freedom. Play. No rules. Doing whatever I like. Making images that represent me and represent those I love, those who have informed my life, those who have gone before me. Losing myself in the process, not needing to be perfect. Play. Color. Texture. EVERYTHING!

What is currently inspiring you? 

Always, inspired by the idea of freely creating, of freedom. I am inspired by color. I am inspired by amazing, beautiful images of black women and the beautiful memories and stories my life holds.  I’m also inspired by newness, trying new things, doing something different, honoring myself however I come forth.  

What does your creative Practice look like? 

Chaos. Sometimes it’s regular and steady, sometimes sporadic, sometimes in a complete lull. It varies depending on the day. However, I do try to make it a priority to do art at least 4 days a week.  

Moon Dance Tiare Smith

How do you keep your creative practice fresh and inspired?

I am a flaky creator. I am ok with that. It means that, I follow my heart, my creative desire. I get bored easily, so I just change it up to whatever sparks me at that time.  

What sort of creative walls do you hit? 

Boredom. I sometimes get tired of creating the same thing again and again. Sometimes, I do not feel very inspired.  Sometimes, I just simply cannot drag myself to the studio. I think this is fairly normal for most creatives. 

What do you do to move through them? 

Often, I allow a moment to rest and be ok with not creating. I think we sometimes need these moments. However, when I need to push….pushing myself into my room and putting that first dab of color on the canvas often moves me forward. Also, taking time to look at art helps, as well. 

Bronzed with Elegance Tiare Smith

How has your process evolved?

I think as we learn, grow, change our process does too. I use different tools, techniques than I once used. I also think that I have moved more and more into creating freely and at times emotionally rather than following a formula. 

What do you wish you had known at the beginning of your creative journey?

I only wish that I had returned to my pencil sooner and that I had not allowed a class to deter me from my art. I also wish that I had thought about freedom in creativity more and not following the rules set forth or the trends. 

Do you have a Creative Self Care Practice? 

Well, I simply have a self-care practice, period. I spend time daily in dedication, gratitude and yoga. I spend time playing and laughing. I spend time regularly exercising and eating healthy (on most days). I sleep. I laugh. I cry. I allow myself to just be who I am and I keep loving, supportive people in my circle and push out anyone who isn’t.

Sassy Girl Tiare Smith

Where can we find you? 

You can find me:

Tiare has created 2 wonderful lessons for the Make Create Express Workshop- here is a peek at one of them:

NIght Moves.jpeg

Night Moves

Presented by Tiare Smith

Come dance with me beneath the moon. Set your spirit, set your soul, set your art free in this wonderful mixed media class. Explore fun techniques, blending color and the female form.a

Creative Invitation


In the lead up to the Make Create Express FREE Creative Retreat Weekend we thought it would be fun to have a Creative Invitation- This is not a challenge but an invitation, an invitation to share a bit about our creative lives and practices and a chance to take a peek into the creative lives and practices of other artists and creative collaborators- Do join us, we’d love to see into your creative practice too.

Starts on the 22nd of June

How does it work?

  • Simple, each day, starting from the 22nd of June, share a photo and some words inspired by the prompts above, so on the 22nd- favourite creation, on the 23rd- your creative space and so on.

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That’s it- Let’s have some fun with this, and get to know each other better. And do please share and invite other creatives you know to play.

Truly Madly Deeply

Curious why this is not a challenge:

“Yes, I fully believe that the muses LOVE to find you working away when they come to visit, but more than that they LOVE to find you open and receptive and listening to them. Sometimes that requires Being not Doing, that requires space, an opening- room to listen, room to hear. Yes the challenge is instrumental in getting me to the blank page/canvas, for stretching my practice, for providing new opportunities but this is art making, this is the contemplative practice, this is creative play and it should never fall on to that "to do" list, it should always live on the "get to do" list…” Read more HERE

Artist Profile- Whitney Freya

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Why do you create art?

I grew up a TOTAL wanna-be artist! I had an art teacher who told me, at age 9, that “drawing isn’t your thing.” I believed her and understood that to mean that I COULD NOT paint or draw, no matter how much I longed to be able to do so.

At age 25, graduated from university and selling books door to door, I read a book called Zen and the Art of Making a Living. I knew the basics: do what you love and the money will follow.

I didn’t really believe that applied to me somehow—that was like a fairytale. And while reading this book, convinced deep down in my bones that I was “supposed to do something different,” the author states that “unless you develop an ‘artist’s mentality’ you will NOT be able to create the life of your dreams.”

Well, I was convinced! As a college grad who was knocking on doors to make a living, it was clear that life was A LOT more like a blank canvas than a multiple choice test.

IN THAT MOMENT, I was given the divine assignment to open an “art gym” of sorts, where people could come to “work out” their creative muscle SO THAT they could go back out into the art that is their life and create the change they wanted. Boom! In that moment, I just KNEW.

1 year and a couple months later I opened The Creative Fitness Center. I had STILL not painted on a canvas when I opened the doors! I learned from the teachers who just appeared (this was in 1996, pre-emails and pre-FB!), along with my students, that there is a magical connection between liberating our creative spirits and living a life free and inspired! THAT is why I create art—to remind me that in each and every moment I am creating the ART that is my LIFE.

Ganesha Whitney Freya

What is it about art that stirs your soul? 

I’ve just read in a book on Vibrational Healing that if our “higher self and physical personality are disconnected dis-ease will follow.” I know and have experienced in thousands of different ways, through my own experience that those of my clients, that ART connects us to our SOUL.

I imagine that as I come up to the canvas, my Soul, or Higher Self, steps up to the other side. As the paintbrush touches the surface of the canvas, a connection is made and a line of communication opens. Through color, symbols, and vibration, I am raised up to a higher level of consciousness. From this elevated state, what is not really important falls away, the stress and worry dissolve, as they are not able to stay resonant with my higher vibration, and I can HEAR MY OWN INNER WISDOM.

Sometimes this level of connection and freedom happen very intentionally, with my shamanic painting practice or my painting meditation practice, and sometimes it happens almost by accident, as I am playing around or teaching someone else. I have found art journal entries and paintings, that have been hidden for months, that slap me upside the head with their message or prophetic guidance that I had not recognized at the time I created it, but that seem SO clear now.

Art doesn’t just stir my Soul, it lights me up from the inside out!!

What sort of creative walls do you hit? 

I love this question, because most people think that by the time you have written books about painting, taught online and in person successfully for decades, etc. that you do not hit “walls.” Of course you do. I do.

AND the walls have evolved from bug, huge stone walls, to brick walls, to wooden walls, to paper walls. They get easier and easier to recognize and move through.

My biggest stumbling place currently is judging my art as “not as good as it could be.” Part of me wants to “study” painting and learn from artist I admire. I STILL have not ever had a formal art class and my passion is inspiring others to paint—and usually they are scared. So my style is intentionally painterly, fun and loose, because I want it to feel accessible. I want my paintings to make YOU want to paint…much more than to buy my art or anything else.

AND there is still the voice that reprimands me for not being a better “student of the art.”

TO MOVE THROUGH these walls, I simply take a deep breath. Look down at where my brush is about to meet the canvas, and I choose something to fall in love with. I LOVE that I am so inspired to empower others through this practice. I know that if it is truly important to me that the “Study” will come.

I figure some day…I am currently visioning into a sort of sabbatical year, where I would travel and learn from others and detach a bit from the daily biz routine. I know that will happen some day!

Whitney Freya
What does your creative practice look like? 

What inspires my creative practice the most is working with sacred symbols and creating paintings that are in alignment, symbolically and vibrationally, with what I want to experience in the art that is my life.

In 2012, I moved out of my “marriage house” and into my own house. I left a 700 acre ranch and a brand new home that I had lived in for 9 months and moved into a rental “in town.” It was CRAZY! I swung between the energies of pure bliss and liberation and desperate fear and guilt. I had lots of wall space in the new house and SO I PAINTED the energy I wanted to align with. I painted guides, animal totems, inspirational words and LOTS of Buddhas! This is when I learned that painting is SO alive and the energy they radiate is visceral.

Just recently, I bought a house, 7 years later, and much of the art from the rental was sold at my heART Medicine Online Auction because those paintings had worked their magic and were ready to relocate in a new home that needed them now. In the new house, I began to paint again, visioning into my next chapter, stepping back into my power, reclaiming more of my independence and sovereignty.

My creative practice is like the fuel in my “tank.” It is what guides and empowers me. It is what slows me down and creates space for me to reflect on what I really, really, really want. Then I create it into my physical reality at the canvas and, inevitably, it ripples out into the rest of my life.

I could go on and on…this is why I teach! There are so many facets to this practice, only one is the finished image you see. The other facets are limitless!

Rise Above Whitney Freya
How has your process evolved? 

I kind of chuckle now when I think back to how I painted pre-2011.

For example, I painted owls for TWO YEARS STRAIGHT. I couldn’t, and didn’t want to, paint anything but owls. First, I just figured I was going through my Owl Period (Picasso had the Blue, I got the Owl). Then, I tried to make myself paint something other than an owl and I literally couldn’t. It would become and owl and I would find myself thinking, “Really, why paint anything else?” After a bit, it felt a little odd.

Then, one day, inspired by a magazine collage I had created, I decided, for the heck of it, to Google “Who is the goddess of art?” Who appeared? Athena. Who does Athena ALWAYS have on her shoulder? OWL! Boom! Whoah…maybe there is a REASON I am painting owls!? That was in the spring of 2010 and it wasn’t until fall 2011 that I began to paint other symbols and I began the journey that would become my own personal liberation. The OWL was sent to guide me out of my “underworld experience.” The “shadow work” that had been the intention between my hub and me on a soul level was done. I was choosing to follow the path out of the underworld. Apparently, he still had some more to do down there. Owls can SEE in the DARK like no other creature.

From then on, I only painted paintings from this symbolic level. I either go to the canvas with a symbol I want to paint because I want MORE of its energy or vibration in my life. Or I go to the canvas like I might go to pull an oracle card. I paint intuitively until the image my Soul wants to communicate through comes into focus. This process blows my mind over and over. From my own experience and those of my clients and Creatively Fit Coaches, I just can’t get over the magic and the power available to all of us when we tune into this creative and symbolic language!

Where can we find you? 

By all means, come on over and connect with me at You can also join in my circles on FB @WhitneyFreyaCanvas and @WhitneyFreya on Instagram.

You are here to live an Inspired Life. This is what your Soul wants most of all! The most important question you can ask yourself is “What do I want right now?” And then take one step after the other in that direction. A’Ho, Whitney Freya

Whitney has created two soul nurturing lessons for the Make Create Express workshop including this one:

Whitney Freya art workshop

Painting Your Guide

Immerse yourself in Whitney Freya's intuitive watercolor, mixed media process to Paint Your Guide and receive divine insight into the art that is your life. You are invited to create with Brusho Crystal Colours, an amazing watercolor medium that results in the most brilliant colors and enhances the intuitive process.

Artist Profile- Yvonne Morell

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It took me four years to paint like Raphael, but a lifetime to paint like a child.
— Picasso
Why do you create art?

To me art is my passion so it feels like a NEED to create and it also brings me so much joy, I am so grateful for it!

If you read this and you have ANY passion no matter what it is, it is an incredible privilege. It fills so much of our lifes.

The possibilities in creating and learning are endless. Culturally there are exhibitions movies and art walks. Books about the subject can fill our libraries and creatives communities are so much fun!

Tell us about your journey to become an artist?

I started to draw and take classes in my twenties but I never thought it would be anything else than a hobby. As we had our first child I stayed home and we moved a lot. I found myself in other countries with a lot of time on my hands. That is when I dived into creating, experimenting and shortly I was asked to give a class and offered to exhibit.

Tell us about the journey to claim the title artist?

That is funny you are asking that, because it is a theme that I still don’t know what to think about. To give a short answer, the title was claimed in my tax

But feeling wise, I am not sure. When I grew up, being an artist was a BIG TITLE that was not easily claimed, then came the general opinion that everyone was an artist.. For some reason I have always had a preference for the term ‘painter’…..well, until I have figure it out I prefer spending my time painting.

trois filles sur le canapé Yvonne Morell
What is about making art that stirs your soul?

When I create it feels like charging my batteries or coming home. It gives me so much joy and energy. I remember coming out of a academic drawing session and having this light jumpy step, it just makes me so happy and excited, so alive.

What is currently inspiring you?

At the moment there is something new in the air. After having painted a lot of ladies with characters I am moving on to..who knows what. When that happens I tend to go all over the place. At the moment I am super motivated to sketch outside, take some classes, make my own sketchbooks, throw a challenges and create very different things, until suddenly something will catch my attention and I am off again in another direction and a technic starts developing in my paintings. It is an exciting but also exhausting time since my head is spinning but I also know myself and how I function. ..(and so does my poor husband)

What does your creative practice look like and do you have any rituals?

I mostly create in my studio. But this year I also have started drawing at home or go sketching outside.

When I get to my studio, I first drink a cup of tea and take out a journal. I write in it a few thought about my creative day. It can be an idea, something that made me wonder, colors that attract me or when I am not pleased where my creations are going etc.

I than start painting, drawing or just experimenting. I also film the online classes and need to edit them, prepare workshops and all the administrative part that goes with it.

I also have a studio sketchbook, where I scribble my ideas, make comments about it. I collect images or pattern that inspire me. That also helps never to run out of ideas, because I think we forget them otherwise.

A new habit that I have started this year is also to go sketching outside and just capture a moment of the day.

Art books and magazines are also very important to me. I enjoy so much to go through them.

Since I also like handy work I like to build my own canvases and sketchbooks.

And last but not least, I love to spend time with other creatives. In my classes we are a great creative community as well at the studio with the other 3 studio mates. A lot of exchanging is happening as well as online.

Vieux rose girls Yvonne Morell
How do you keep your creative practice fresh and inspired?

I never stop! That just works for me. (Except once a year during our family vacation) That is something that just happens on its own. I think we all have a strong point somewhere. Some are extremely talented in drawing other are fantastic with colors, my strong point is my creativity and my imagination. I hardly ever run out of ideas or inspiration. My problem is the opposite I need to canalize my energy and my ideas.

What sort of creative walls do you hit? And how to you move through them?

I sometimes hit a wall in the sense that I am not progressing and my paintings take directions that I don’t like and it frustrates me. The last few years my painting have more and more turned into illustrations and I was fighting it until I gave up and just accept it. I even took a children’s illustration class thinking if I can’t fight it just as well go with it. …but I have not done anything with it so far.

A time when I usually feel lost and out of place is after our vacation. It is a bit painful to be in the studio and feel detached. I just go anyway even if it is to clean or just potter around. Usually after two weeks I am back in a row. There is this quote from Picasso that I completely agree:

Inspiration exists but it has to find you working

Cat friend Yvonne Morell
How has your process evolved?

I started painting and having no clue what I was doing but it had a certain look to it, not so different to what I do now. I than started taking classes, drawing from life, copying past artists, done academic drawing and then moved right back to where I had started, painting from my imagination but with more experience. My working process has developed over the years and also my personal signature.

Do you have a Creative Self Care Practice?

I do paint or draw a lot just for the sake of creating, not sharing it with anyone. Drawing and painting itself has something so meditative about it. I also have a huge need of constantly learning something new …and I love to treat myself with art materials. Who need jewelry when there are art supplies!!!

femme de caractère bleu ocre yvonne morell
Where can we find you?

In my studio for workshops in Rolle, Switzerland
Online: classes and connecting: Website
Online community on Facebook
Facebook page:
Instagram: @yvonne_morell_painting

Yvonne has created two very sweet lessons for the Make Create Express workshop:

Yvonne Morell painting on Fabric
Tiny Towns Yvonne Morell Swiss mixed media artist

Artist Profile- Kiala Givehand


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Kiala has created 2 wonderful lessons for the Make Create Express Workshop- here is a peek at one of them:

Poetic pages with Kiala Givehand

Poetic Pages

Presented by Kiala Givehand

Poetry, like abstract art, is often seen as intimidating, but I love to marry poetry and expressive painting as a way to inspire my art and my poetic musings in my journals. In this lesson I demonstrate how to create irresistible pages filled with delight and wonder inspired by poems from some of my favorite poets. And of course I walk you through a fun and easy way to write your own poem to include in your art AND to inspire future art making and creative sessions. Warning -- this process is magnetic and hypnotic -- you may have difficulty stopping.


Artist Profile- Muriel Stegers

I create art because I lose all sense of time, it becomes still in me and I can communicate on a higher level with my soul.

I can connect to my essence and evaluate issues and questions. Also I can work through feelings.

Making art is like meditation for me.

Muriel Stegers mixed media artist

My journey to becoming an artist in a nut shell. I just followed a calling deep inside of me, but before I got to painting I did a lot of other things, I created art with nature, pot pouri, and fruits.

I did soap for a long time, I found scrapbooking in 2006 and then in 2014 I started a mixed media group on facebook when I discovered 3D mixed media with metals. I did that for about a half year and then I got into painting supplies and art journalling. Doing that for a few months I bumped into Tamara Laporte and faces just stole my heart.

Claiming the title artist was a long journey. I, as many others, really focused on the validation of others and all thing out side of me. It was a real struggle. Never knowing what to make or if it was good or not. Getting so frustrated with that and hitting a wall in making progress I found myself in a new conversation with myself about why I was doing what I was doing and for whom.

When I decided to let go of all the acceptance from others i got the wind underneath my wings. My art started to show a new energy.

Muriel Stegers portrait artist
Muriel Stegers Dutch artist

Making art stirs my souls because it connects me to a part of myself so deep inside. A part that I can only reach in the silence of making art. Its the most intense connection to my true self.

My current inspiration is raw and unconventional art. I really try to work from my intuition and see what story is ready to come forward. My art always displays a current circumstance that needs attention and love. I am in a very spiritual stage in my life and my art is really helping me to evolve that.

My creative practice is doing it. It doesn’t have a special way accept for showing up. I have an agreement with myself to make art every day, even if its only for 10 minutes. I love to do drawing with my stabillo and two hands at the same time.

Mixed media artist Muriel Stegers

I really don’t worry about keeping my practice fresh and inspired, when I push that to much I block. So by letting it run its own course I have learned to trust that process. It always comes to me in time, my main focus is to stay open and focused on my goals and dreams.

I hit a wall when I put too much on my self, when I push myself too much in a directions because I, my ego, believes its time to be different or new. then I lose my connection to the self.

My process evolved over time by getting less and less scared of just doing it and failing at it. Failing is not something that scares me anymore. I have learned that failing is not negative, fear is my friend,

Fear is my indicator I am on to something new and that I need to buggle up.

You can find me at and of course on facebook under the same name.

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Muriel has created 2 wonderful lessons for the Make Create Express Workshop- here is a peek at one of them:

Born To Be Different

This is a mixed media project in which we play with products and mediums. We will use acrylics, inks, stencils and collage.. and warm up to create a vibe of trust to let the paint go where it needs to go. We talk about letting go, disconnecting to outcome and stepping in the moment. I will show you the process authentically and talk about every step I take and all the feelings that go with it. The goal is to not give up.. to not quit and to trust that art always appears when you follow your heart.

A Chance to Win a place in Boldness

Boldness Giveaway with Emma Petitt
Freedom lies in being bold.
— Frost

We are thrilled to have Emma Petitt’s Freedom Lies in Boldness beginning in just over 2 weeks!! So many of you have been keenly and eagerly waiting and we are getting even more excited seeing the wonderful work already being created over in our Facebook group from the bonus teaser lesson waiting to greet you when you sign up.

To celebrate we are giving away a place on this workshop

Giveaway now closed

Thank you to all who entered and shared, the winner is SusanMary Reynolds who said :

Interesting question - "How would you like to be bold in my creative practice?" I've been an artist a long time but I live in a very remote place and so tend to be reclusive. Over the years it means I am often stuck in an artistic rut. I am mostly self-taught so I often lack confidence in what I'm doing. It seems the older I get the less bold I am. I miss my more adventurous self. I'd like to be less timid about trying new techniques. I'd like to have more confidence. I would like to shake my imagination into fullness.

To Enter just share this Giveaway (this page) on Facebook- Just hit the Facebook button below :)


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We will announce the winners on the 15th of April, class starts on the 22nd of April

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Be sure to check out our Talking with Artist’s interview with Emma HERE


Sacred Arts- Rebirthed as Self-Paced

Sacred Arts- Rebirthed as Self-Paced

“It is not a course in ART you give us daily each turn of mother earth another recipe towards creative freedom.”

This is the work that we are never done with.

This dive into ourselves, into our Bone Wisdom, into our Creative Practice.

This is the work that gives as much as it receives and that receives as much as it gives.

This is the work that expands us, growing us in all the good ways.

This is the work that connects us- to each other, to our muses, to ourselves, to Spirit (however that may express itself to you).

This is the work that helps you know your own truths, owning them and expressing them.

This is the work that can hold it all, the Both And.

This is the work that offers the gifts of showing up and listening.

This is the work that allows us to honour all that needs honouring…