Creative Retreat Weekend lessons

Each teacher will be offering a class designed to inspire and guide you through some creative play, art making and/or techniques. Each lessons will be available for Free for 24 hours on the Creative Retreat weekend. Too much inspiration to absorb in one weekend? All these lessons will be available in the Ongoing Creative Retreat as well as bonus lessons from each of the teachers.


The FREE weekend retreat is now finished but you can still join us for the Ongoing Retreat.
These lessons are now all available in the Ongoing Retreat



And so we begin... Your art, Your Expression, Your Way

Art is Magic presents the Creative Retreat- Galia Alena

Warming up with Wise Effort

In our first lesson (Day 1- Saturday) we will be warming up, loosening up, making marks, experimenting and exploring both our materials and our own ways all in preparation for what is to come. We will release expectations and judgements to make space for curiousity and wonder.

Beyond Words

In our second lesson (Day 2- Sunday) we will be taking the gifts of our mark making to the page and using them to create unique journal spreads full of our own art, our own expression, our own souls. What wants to be said beyond words.

Art is Magic presents the Creative Retreat-Fonda Clark Haight

Touring your imagination

Join me in this exploration of the internal world of emotion, imagination and art. Together we will explore techniques for getting in touch with your intuition and the subconscious messages and stories you can access, in order to know yourself, and add meaning to your art. These lessons will help you access that subconscious part of yourself that wants to be heard. The world of the imagination and the heart are such a rich, deep inspiration, not only for your artwork, but also for your journey thru life.

Art is Magic presents the Creative Retreat- Jennifer Bonneteau

Fantastical Faces

Painting faces is such a connective and creative process! I often begin with a reference photo and then my painting takes a wild turn somewhere along the way and I end up with a very different portrait than whathad initially imagined... I LOVE when that happens!  Won't you join me on a journeycreating colorful, expressive and exciting portraits?   During this colorful adventure, I'll share some of my favorite art making techniques and tips on color, expressive mark making, and how to manipulate photos in apps to generate fresh ideas for old and new paintings. I cant wait to share this journey with you!

Art is Magic presents the Creative Retreat- Hali Karla

Essential Energy

A guided creative journaling exploration to re-center, remember, reflect and rejoice in heart+soul truth. This lesson is inspired by core astrological energies unique to each of us. The beauty is that the personal meaning for you will come through - whether or not you know a thing about astrology or your personal chart.

Come Stick With Me!

What if the answers you have been seeking found their way in, through the back door of your heart?  Are you willing to take a flight into the creative cosmos to see what wonders bubble up from the deep?  Come join me on a blue ocean dive telling your story using simple figures in a comic book format looking for what you are calling out for and what is looking for you. 

Art is Magic presents the Creative Retreat- Catt Geller

Art is Magic presents the Creative Retreat- Denise Daffara

A Creativitea Time session- "Shadow & LIght" Plus "Just sit with it"

In this lesson we will explore the emotions coming up for us and allow ourselves to just sit with them and reveal them on the page providing a gentle space to just sit with what is. The encouragement is to be loose and release perfectionism, being with the feelings and giving them a place to rest.
If you need someone to just sit with you and be, accepting you exactly as you are and how you’re feeling . . . you may find her on your page.

Harbour: The Art of Dwelling.

It's the age of information. Sometimes too much information. Every day we are exposed, often overexposed to the human drama. It's on a scale that's bound to break even the most hardy of souls. Sometimes the drama most sure to break us, is our own. And we find ourselves dwelling in turmoil. What do we do when overcome with energy that drains us? We create another kind of dwelling, that in which to seek harbour. Join me for a creative approach to personal retreat.

Art is Magic presents the Creative Retreat- Amanda Grace

Art is Magic presents the Creative Retreat- Lauren Rudolph

Painting the Eyes

The eyes are so full of depth, so mysterious yet some full of truth. There are so many subtleties and so much intrigue. In this lesson we will paint a close up of the eyes. We will learn to see the color, shape, reflection and expression. Eyes to me are the most compelling part of a portrait. Let’s explore them together.


Becoming Fluid

For this lesson we will be creating a page journal with watercolors or fluid acrylics and I'll be talking about my journals and sharing how I add to them

Art is Magic presents the Creative Retreat- Renata Loree

Art is Magic presents the Creative Retreat- Mindy Tsonas

Studiofemme LUSH Embodied Arts: Summer Inner Alchemy Cards

As we heat up for summer, we will create a mini deck of Inner Alchemy Cards to help us explore and embody the energy of this sultry season! Join me for a luscious adventure in Sensual Collage as we feel our way into this fiery mojo. In our time together, we will create a 12 card mini Summer deck that you can use as tools to guide and inspire. Follow along the with the easy video tutorial and yummy card prompts to ignite your creative power this season! 

Art is Magic presents the Creative Retreat- Katrina Koltes

Break Free

We all experience emotions and strong feelings all the time. Sometimes we need to express these feelings in some way or other, but for fear, we don’t, and we keep it to ourselves. I strongly believe that expressing our emotions through our art can be not only refreshing, but extremely satisfying, and even healing.  We open that window into our feelings, that small peek into what is really happening behind the scenes. A glimpse into our soul.

In this lesson I share with you one of my methods of doing this by just letting go and trusting the process. I hope to inspire you to "Break free" and create expressive, emotional portraits, much like in my class "The art of expression".

Art is Magic presents the Creative Retreat- Tiare Smith Woods

Garden of Tranquility

In this course we’ll create a peaceful, mixed media garden where happiness and love reside.  We’ll contemplate the people, thoughts and things that make us content and easily incorporate them into our art.  Our gardens will surround us with the words and colors that create a feeling of serenity.  Using a everyday household items beauty will bloom.

Art is Magic presents the Creative Retreat- Laly Mille


You’re invited to relax and take the time to feel and remember your wings… I believe we all have them, unique, beautiful and ready to lift us up towards the light anytime we need.

This lesson is born from my own desire to create a painting "just for me", a personal, daily reminder of my own wings. I’d love for you to come along so we can fly together!

In this lesson we’re going to gently and symbolically work our way up, layer after layer, from the underneath where our fears reside, to the warm golden light that awaits us above the clouds.

Supercharge Your Creativity with Rituals

Art is Magic presents the Creative Retreat- Eli Trier

Rituals are an underused superpower for artists, makers and creatives of all flavours. It's scientifically proven that our brains are exceedingly receptive to ritual in all forms, and this can be astonishing fruitful when we apply ritual to our creative practice. Rituals can, among other things: help us overcome creative blocks, channel inspiration, help us choose which idea to pursue next, help us to make creativity a part of our daily lives, understand our fears around making and sharing our work, and make us more mindful and intentional with what (and how) we create.

Art is Magic presents the Creative Retreat- Louise Gale

Sketch and Sculpt: Mini Botanical Mandala wall hangings.

In this lesson, you will be inspired by natures beauty to create a beautiful flower wall hanging for your home, using air-dry clay.
Observing the uniqueness of a single flower, we will be inspired to sketch flower ‘mandala’ designs, to use as inspiration for our clay sculpture. We will then get to know the clay through molding, embossing designs and joining techniques. Our project today will be one finished ‘botanical mandala’ design in clay painted with acrylic paint so you can hang on your wall or give as a gift.

Painting from the Wordless Zone

Please note- this lesson first appeared in Angel is my Studio, 2014.