Ongoing Retreat

Your creative journey should not be limited to one weekend so we've created the ONGOING RETREAT PACKAGE. This includes extended access to the lesson from the weekend of the retreat as well as a new lesson sent out weekly over the next five months. Join us as we make Creative Retreat a practice to sustain our path, nurture our souls and support our creative unfolding.

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Bonus Lessons in the Ongoing Retreat

Below you will find just some of the lessons that will be shared over the Ongoing Retreat.

Art is Magic presents the Creative Retreat- Galia Alena

Creative Coeur-age

Presented by Galia Alena

In this lesson we will be taking ideas we explored in the previous lesson further to expand our own creative language of mark making and art making.

Creative Retreat- Art is Magic- Laly Mille

A Natural Light Palette

Presented by Laly Mille

This art is all about paying attention to light in your life, in your surroundings, in nature... and above all in YOU. Connecting with your inner light, so that you can infuse it into your art in your own natural and authentic way! The lesson contains:

Video 1 "White Magic": Is white really just plain white?... Experiment with different kinds of white to create a whole variety of white-on-white effects and add depth and light to your art.
Video 2 "Soft Neutrals": Here I'm sharing all my favorite supplies and materials to play with an infinity of neutral tones. From warm browns to moody grays and every shade in-between, they are one of my favorite ingredients to create soft, subtle moods.
Video 3 "Dark Beauty": Explore the richness of dark tones and create contrast that will make your light shine that much brighter.

Creative Retreat- Katrina Koltes

Be brave

Presented by Katrina Koltes
In continuation to my first lesson, we continue to explore the power of visual story telling through our art. Sometimes we have subconscious feelings we can't really place, but are there nonetheless, weighing us down. When we begin to just let go, and play in our journal, not worrying about perfection, we leave space for those feelings to surface. I also believe that by using limited tools and color palette, again we can stay focused and let those emotions flow.

The Art of Dwelling

Presented by Amanda Grace

My strength as an artist, is in employing the creative process as a loving facilitator. Diving in deep to reclaim exiled parts and reframe personal narratives. It is a conscious inhabiting of the stories that empower and an unburdening of those which no longer serve us. One of the things my students say about my teaching is that rather than learning a repertoire of technique (there is some technique of course), they learn how to open the portals that connect them more deeply to their creativity, enabling them to express themselves in new and exciting ways. It's a deeper, more intentional kind of attendance to the process. In this part of our journey, I invite you to witness a process I engaged in with my 5 year old self and offer you the template for facilitating your own art of remembering."\

Art is Magic presents the Creative Retreat- Jennifer Bonneteau

Mixing it Up with Multi Media

Presented by Jennifer Bonneteau
As artists, we are always looking for new ways to push our work into new worlds. I have found that experimenting with color, shape and texture through the process of collage is one of the best ways to unlock new ideas and venture into exciting, unknown territories. In this extension of the Fantastical Faces lesson, we will be incorporating bits of origami paper, acrylic skins and metal leaf to add dimension, intrigue and shine to our pieces.

Creative Retreat (Art is Magic) Louise Gale

Sculpt and Paint: Mini Botanical Mandala wall hangings

Presented by Louise Gale
In this lesson, we will sketch two more beautiful flower designs which we will use for our air-dry clay 'botanical mandala' creations, then paint them using watercolors and acrylic paint. In addition, I have included a special meditation audio so you can relax, feel grounded and connect to a flower mandala design that is unique to you.

Continue your Calm.

Presented by Tiare Smith Woods

Continuing with the floral theme you’ll learn an AMAZING technique for creating, using additional household items.  You’ll add wonderful techniques to your creative arsenal that you’ll be able to use again and again to make your own unique art.  We’ll continue to explore your happy and bring forth words that will inspire and empower you to continue your calm

Art is Magic presents the Creative Retreat- Denise Daffara

She Feels- Expressions & Gestures of Paper Dolls

Presented by Denise Daffara

This is a gentle exercise that can be ever so calming as you slow down to cut out the stencil... and then discover various moods glimpsed through the ‘limb shaped windows’ made by placing the stencil over your papers to see how they feel, in what ways do they differ from each other. Once the pieces are cut out, play with their placements to capture the essence you’re after. You might be surprised at how expressive they can be and feel. On a personal note, this was a very satisfying exercise to be with when grieving, at a time when words were few but these dolls spoke volumes in their gentleness.

Exploring Fear

Presented by Eli Trier

Creative fear is a tricky beast, and can show up in all sorts of unexpected ways. If you've ever suffered from perfectionism, procrastination, artist's block, self-doubt, or resistance, then there's a good chance you've come across creative fear.

In this lesson, we'll be exploring that fear and pulling all your creative monsters out from under the bed.

Using journaling prompts and other exercises, you'll be encouraged to unpack your beliefs around perfectionism and resistance, and reconnect with the reasons why you feel compelled to create. We'll be chatting with our inner critics and finding out what they're trying to protect us from, and we'll be rekindling our love for the materials we use to create our art. (N.B. this lesson is part of Eli's longer Make your Mark course).

Painting the Nose & Mouth

Presented by Lauren Rudolph

In this lesson we will create painted studies of the nose and mouth. Both the nose and the mouth are filled with character and expression. They say so much with their form, highlights, shadows and hues. Small details once seen, contribute so much to the story of the portrait. Creating visual stories through the features is a lesson in pushing beyond and going deeper. Let’s tell visual stories through their exploration.

The Zodiac Time Travel

Presented by Renata Loree

We are all born under a different sun, moon, stars and planets and these energies pulls us sideways, straightways, up ways and down ways, sometimes it is hard to make sense of it all. We know we are all different, but we want to get along and love each other. The sign that you were born under was explored and mapped out for you many many moons ago and it reveals a lot about you. The ancients noticed that the seasons and moon cycles carried similar attributes that were worthy following to make their life easier. They also noticed that certain planet’s positions affected people and their affairs differently. In a way it is like traveling by a roadmap that points to who you are. All the things you were afraid of or hiding from until this moment might not be your fault at all, and if knowing that, you can have something to work with. You will gain understanding about yourself that will not only reveal your weaknesses, but also your strengths. In this lesson we will explore our Zodiac sign we were born under and create a visual painting with all it’s attributes.

Art is Magic presents the Creative Retreat- Catt Geller

Smash ON!

Presented by Catt Geller

Cosmic Smash Booking personifies Art Is Magic!  Making a Cosmic Smash Book pulls all of you in into the book.  Every part of your senses become engaged in these highly personalized journals.  I am going to show you how to enrich your journal processing in a way that deepens your existing work, help you find answers to questions that elude you, give you a place to ground when your feet are pulled out from you,  give you a place to lay down intense feelings so you can get some space from them and create pages of joy that are uniquely you.

Art is Magic presents the Creative Retreat- Mindy Tsonas

Studiofemme LUSH Embodied Arts: Fall Flow Inner Alchemy Cards

Presented by Mindy Tsonas

Falling into autumn is all about flowing with energy and emotion. You will receive 12 additional Alchemy Card prompts to move you into this juicy equinox season and help guide you during this time of wild transition and change.

Discovering Your Sacred Medicine Through Art

Presented by Chris Zydel

Each and every one of us has a unique soul gift or a superpower that we have cultivated in response to what I am calling a sacred wound. Your sacred wound is a challenging psychological or emotional issue that you have struggled with for a long time and tends to trip you up over and over again. And because it keeps recurring, you have a highly developed a relationship to that issue. You understand it deeply. And sometimes, often without even realizing it, you have evolved wisdom strategies and healing tactics to deal with that wound. These strategies, tactics, gifts and superpowers are what I am calling your sacred medicine. Your sacred medicine is something that heals you first and then can be offered as healing for others in your family, circles of support and wider community. In this class we will be using guided meditation, journal prompts and art making to do the holy work of discovering the sacred wound and then using the same tools to name, claim and joyfully celebrate your sacred medicine. You will need an art journal, a pen, your favorite art materials and a willingness to dive deep in order to participate. I recommend having things on hand like oil or chalk pastels, colored pencils, paint or collage materials.

Art is Magic presents the Creative Retreat- Fonda Clark Haight

There are other worlds than these

Presented by Fonda Clark Haight

Join me in this exploration of the internal world of emotion, imagination and art. Together we will explore techniques for getting in touch with your intuition and the subconscious messages and stories you can access, in order to know yourself, and add meaning to your art. These lessons will help you access that subconscious part of yourself that wants to be heard. The world of the imagination and the heart are such a rich, deep inspiration, not only for your artwork, but also for your journey thru life.

Art is Magic presents the Creative Retreat- Hali Karla

Calling on Grandmothers' Medicine: A contemplative creative journaling exploration

Presented by Hali Karla

Using simple reflective prompts, you will reflect and honor how you relate to your matrilineal lineage stories and what 'Grandmother energy' means to you and your life's journey. Then, you will explore intuitively, through a guided visual exploration in your journal pages, to awaken meaningful connections, new insights and a deeper curiosity and sense toward your place in the unfolding flow of feminine wisdom and wonder. (NB. - this lesson was originally available in Spectrum 2015).

Art is Magic presents the Creative Retreat- Galia Alena

Wabi Sabi- a photographic exploration

Presented by Galia Alena

This lesson is a loved lesson from Camera Craft- the Art of Seeing. Here we explore the art of seeing the beauty of life through the lens of Wabi Sabi

What is life? It is a flash of firefly in the night. It is a breath of a buffalo in the wintertime. It is as the little shadow that runs across the grass and loses itself in the sunset.
— Chief Crowfoot