Sacred Arts - an online mixed media workshop with Galia Alena

Sacred Arts- Mixed Media Dialogues with the Divine Feminine
13 mOOns-
a year of In*Spiration

Each time I show up to the blank page or canvas it is to listen. Sometimes I come with an enquiry, sometimes I come just to see what wants to be heard, either way a dialogue unfolds and it is through this dialogue that I create art, that I commune with spirit, that I meet myself. Without this dialogue, this backwards and forwards dance of listening and responding, my art practice lack meaning and my life wouldn't be so rich. There is no separation between my life, my spiritual practice and my art practice, all are entwined in this beautiful conversation when I stay open to all the questions and all of the whisperings. My art practice is a liberating act that allows me to access my deeper wisdom and knowing- my bone wisdom.

13 mOOns- $166

We began with the new mOOn March 18th
(Once you sign up you will receive instant access to the previous months)


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13 mOOns Mixed Media Dialogues Sister Keeper wisdom

This workshop is as Given, unfolding as we go. Each new mOOn we will delve into the mysteries of a new theme dialoguing with the Divine Feminine. Themes from Space Holding, Mother, Crone, Shakti, Compassion/Love, the Dark Goddess, the destroyer, Ancestry/lineage, Lunar phases and much more will be explored through multiple mixed media invitations always with the aim of finding your own truths and bone wisdom.  We will play in the realms of archetypes and symbols, mark making, intuition, intentional creativity and so much more. We will also be held and supported by the wisdom of Sister Keepers and the circle of kindred creatives. As such over the 13 mOOns we will create much beauty in a dance with the Divine Feminine to enrich our practice both on the blank page and in life.

Where I create there I am true.

The Format:

Each new mOOn for 13 mOOns we will dive into a new theme of exploration with art journaling, mixed media, crafts and I've invited some guest kindred sister keepers to share in their magical ways in our creative circle,

 ☆    Videos, photos, journaling prompts for explorations and mixed media lessons will be presented each month.
 ☆    Lessons delivered via video along with support audios, photos and text.
 ☆    Optional community Facebook group to circle and share, to inspire and support each other.
 ☆    Acrylic painting, watercolour, sketching and drawing, journaling, stamp carving, eco printing, paper clay sculpting and more.
 ☆    Guest Sister Keepers sharing their wisdom.
 ☆    Lifetime access*
 ☆    We begin with the new astrological year, March 18th

At the end of this workshop you will have developed a deeper connection and a creative dialogue with your own life, your own intuition and your own curiousities and you will have enriched the expression of your soul's unique voice.

This workshop is process oriented although I will guide you with some techniques to play with and many demonstrations of my own process as it is in the moment, moment to moment, fluid, showing up, intentional creativity. It is a creative journey, an ever unfolding journey.

You’ll connect with your own bone wisdom and learn to trust through listening. What wants to be born of your bone wisdom through your creativity?

13 mOOns- $166
(Once you sign up you will receive instant access to the previous months)


NB- After payment you should be automagically redirected back to this site to complete registration. If you are not please check your email receipt for a link to complete registration on to the list.

Somewhere between a dream and a memory
I pull back to hear a whisper
Do you remember, she taunts,
when you saw between the worlds,
all that lies in possibility.

The Journey as it is Given so far...

1st mOOn- Space Holding
Journal as a space holder.
Making a journal, backgrounds and mark making as invitations to a conversation
Journal Spread- Bhuvaneshwari
Bonus- Circling with the Goddess- Bhuvaneshwari

2nd mOOn- Pacha Mama
Eco Printing- we'll be making papers and fabrics to use in our work- yummy.
Journal Spread- Elen of Ways

3rd mOOn- Archetypes
Symbols and archetypes (collage papers)
Journal Spread

Come and join me in this Creative Circle where there will be more questions than answers, much mystery, and astounding beauty.
Galia Alena

Sister Keepers

Sister Keepers for Sacred Arts with Galia Alena

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Your Guide:


Galia Alena: I am a visual poet, earth mystic and mist walker. I walk in beauty dreaming with the divine to create sacred art and to partner with intuitive healing practices. I create in dialogue with the sacred feminine and my practice involves listening to the magic as it appears in dreams, journey, tarot, nature and other daily blessings. I’m a beauty unveiler, light huntress, moment caresser, mythologist, archetype weaver and visionary poetess. Ultimately, all of my work is about helping people peel back the layers to experience the intense beauty of each moment allowing them access to both their intuitive wisdom and a deeper connection to spirit and self, helping them find their own truths in connected stillness. In this way I am a guidess helping others find their own mystery school of wisdom and sacred being. (Because the beauty of this life cracks our hearts open and it is through the cracks that light can flow both in and out and connect us back to our divine selves).
Oh... and I believe in the magic of this life.

Find Galia here: Website + Instagram + Facebook

Sister Keepers:

We are honoured and blessed to have these beautiful women as guest light-bearers and shadow guides, offering the support of their wisdom and magical ways.


Nissa Howard wants to live in a world where humans don't need to agree with each other to support each other. A world where we don't have to like each other to love each other. A world in which there is less blaming and more empowering. A world where we acknowledge the fact that we too are animals on this Earth and have an entire resource of wild mystery that connects us to all things. As an energy mechanic, she utilizes core Shamanic skills and fierce sacred space to re-wild herself and those who seek her out. Dosed with trickster humor and common sense, she is known to be an authentic and inspiring personal guide. When she’s not working on her business, you can find her being a human doing all the things she shares about in her business. Hunting. Gathering. Writing. Sacred sound making. Bone Reading. Listening. Story telling. Soul crafting. Trailblazing wholeness.

Find Nissa here: Website + Instagram


Toi Lynn Wyle, MS, LMFT, E-RYT – Earth mama, spiritual guide, yogini, poet, writer, photographer.  Toi Lynn is a licensed Psychotherapist and Life Coach, certified as a Transformational Hypnotherapist, Clarity Breathwork Therapist and Yoga Teacher.  She’s a seasoned guide in the sacred arts of Embodiment Practices, Somatic Meditation, Shamanic Journeywork, Dreamwork and Earth Medicine.  She’s led others on their path to healing and awakening for over 31 years, facilitated women’s circles for the past 25 years, and taught yoga and meditation for 15 years.  She cofounded and directed World Yoga, one of the premier Vinyasa Yoga studios in the San Francisco Bay Area.  She is co-founder and director of Wild Sacred Awakening, an online community, school and resource for sacred living.

Find Toi here: Website + Facebook + Instagram + Vimeo + Youtube


Rebecca Cavender is a best-selling author, poet, professional writer, and völva living in one of the beautiful desert valleys in Washington State, USA. In a uniquely catalyzing and lyrical voice, Rebecca intuitively scribes words that serve as medicine so that you may feel deeply seen and heard; she is called to live an ecstatic path, writing new myths, with new story lines—written on the body—that show us how to fully express ourselves. She provides a variety of intuitive writing services: copywriting and editing for soulful entrepreneurs; book coaching and editing; sacred writing circles/workshops; written soul transmissions; and blessings (personal poems). As a catalyst and visionary healing practitioner, Rebecca intuitively provides transformative activations, gifting you with an embodied experience and imprint of your Ecstatic Essence, all while revealing personal tools and symbols that you can use in your daily life to ignite your creative fire and live your fierce truth. Integrating intuitive storytelling and healing modalities from her Sámi heritage, Rebecca accesses her noaidi and völva (seeress) roots to help you feel enraptured, knowing that you’re a walking love poem—a living declaration of ecstatic wisdom. As a certified "Scent Priestess," she also offers anointing sessions (either in-person or virtual). When she's not writing or practicing her arts, you can find Rebecca walking her personal path of the wild, being with her amazing daughter, or hanging out in one of the many Pacific Northwest coffee joints.

Find Rebecca here: Website + Facebook + Instagram


Francine Bonjour-Carter I am an embodiment guide, and a woman dedicated to become who she is meant to be. I moved from my native France to San Francisco in 2006, and live now near Philadelphia, PA. I am a mother of two spirited daughters, an Earth Medicine practitioner, and I am trained and certified in the Feldenkrais Method®, a movement & awareness education system. My way is very feminine. By guiding others with my voice through slow and gentle movements, I offer a space to explore our body in a unique way, access our inner safety and feel grounded in our physicality. In this process, questions matter more than answers, and awareness is a precious gift - and tool - that helps us explore and engage in a truthful conversation with ourselves. I believe that Sacred Listening starts within, and at all time we can expand who we are by intentionally exploring more of our inner landscape, and let our physical sense of self support and inform our art, emotions, experiences and our fullness.

Find Francine here: Website + Instagram


Stephanie Anderson Ladd is a writer, artist, psychotherapist, teacher and goddess devotee living in Durham, North Carolina. In addition to her private practice and live workshops, she teaches online courses that explore archetypes, currently including the Tarot and Fairy Tales, using the art of SoulCollage®.

You can find Stephanie here: Website


Catherine Beerda-Basso is the creator of Shaenalach Healing and Retreats, a writer, a photographer and a spiritual activist….among other things.
19 years ago the death of her father initiated Catherine into an intensive and intention filled healing path. This path took her deep into the depressions of her woundings; as well as igniting an unraveling of the religious chains that were placed upon her within her upbringing and childhood conditioning. This journey of healing brought her to the unexpected place of Healer and Earth Medicine Practitioner. Within the Sacred container of Shaenalach Healing, Catherine offers women a place to re-learn how to sit in sacred sisterhood and re-member the wisdom of their people. She offers a place of healing, renewal and restoration. Recently her vision of healing has broadened into offering a circle in which both men and women sit together with the intention of healing self and community. Catherine is passionate about spiritual awakening and healing….healing the Past, the Present and the Future; Healing Self and The World. She is a midwife of deep soul awareness and healing; her gifts allowing her to take a woman on a journey to herself, held by the land, by sacred tools, and by her fiercely true presence. Catherine believes that by giving women a safe container to connect to themselves in a spiritual, sacred way, allows them the opportunity to find the pieces that have been scattered, and to re-struct the beauty that is already there.

Find Catherine here: Website + Instagram + Facebook

Kristina Wingeier- I am a moon loving, sun worshiping, skywatching astrologer keeping time with the tides in Pismo Beach, CA. My body of work is anchored in the divine feminine, the exploration of cosmic time and the natural rhythms of lunar & seasonal living. Multi-perceptual listening allows me to give voice to unseen realms, offering guidance and support in navigating the ebbs & flows of life. Things that bring me joy: the ocean, birdsong, the moon, plants, travel, books, music, silence, kundalini yoga, embodiment practices, dancing, walking in nature, photography & getting creative in the kitchen.

You can find Kristina here: Website + Instagram


Jennette Nielsen is a Pacific Northwest-based Maker, Mama, and Medicine Woman. She is feral, ambrosial and strange, according to popular belief and her own divinely guided intuition. She is also a wild seeker, sacred gatherer and magic forager. She’s the visionary behind Make-to-Mend, Smashing Rubbish and Cauldron and Hive - three creative expressions of her passion for healing, transformation, beauty and the divine feminine. Fueled by the belief that the practice and act of Making is a catalyst for Mending and unfurling personal growth, Jennette hopes every woman will thread their needle with soul sinew and stitch their own wild and free nature into their mending, marveling at their own beauty all the while.

Find Jennette here: Website + Instagram

In hidden caves and beside trees, near bodies of water and at the heart of villages, people will find the goddess enshrined in the soil and rock itself. Her body is the sacrifice that infuses the divine feminine into the earth.
Sally Kempton


Who can sign up for this course?
All creative souls, that is everyone!! Whether beginner or more experience,

I’ve never done any art or anything like this before, can I still sign up?
Perfect, what a wonderful way to start.

What sort of supplies do I need to do this course?

There is a supply list HERE, however they are just suggestions- for many of the lessons you will be able to use what you have at hand. There is usually no need to go out and buy more.

Internet connection- you will need enough to be able to watch the videos and participate.

I’m not on Facebook, can I still do the class?
You don’t need to be on Facebook to do the class, you can just work from the classroom if you like. I resisted signing up for Facebook for a long time and I am so glad that I finally did- the benefits of being in community with so many like minded people who are willing to share far out weighs any reservations I had. If you are on facebook and you join the group, we will all benefit from the shared experiences, lessons and inspirations, including me (I can’t wait to be inspired by you all). It is totally your choice how you want to do this workshop.

Can I share the class with others?
We would absolutely love it if you told others about this workshop, however I am sharing heartwork here and months of work on this project and would really appreciate it if you didn’t share the actual classes with anyone who hasn’t signed up for them. It is both good Karma and good manners :)

Can I share what I do in the course?
Absolutely, of course, we would love a mention (as an honouring of the teacher/master who inspired you) and a link back and there is a button you can pop up on your blog if you would like (I would be so grateful). & we would so love to see what you create in the Facebook group.

How long will Sacred Arts go for ?

Sacred Arts is a year long course beginning on the new Astrological year, 18th of March and running for 13 mOOns, new content each new moon which is approximately 1 calendrical year.

How long will I have access to the workshop?
* You will have access to lifetime access to the classroom for as long as the classroom stays online (by which I mean that access will be ongoing for years unforeseen circumstance aside for as long as this site can be maintained) The Facebook group will stay open so that the community there can continue to inspire each other and share knowledge :)

Once I sign up for the course can I change my mind?

Sorry, but all sales are final due to the digital nature of this workshop- once you have signed up there are no refunds for this course.